Wish List for Mars

Staff/Personnel (Receptionist, Researcher, Medical, Dietician, Personal Trainer, PR and so on like a Wells, Snow and Cisco)
Cisco Spark type device/Case Western thingy for planning room and roku  tv in one
Traditional non Voip phones, Land Lines
Pool or Hot Tub in Headquarters, Healing sized or learning to swim
Bullet Proof Glass for Base
Library for base
Backup Power Generators for the base
Generic Kitchen supplies for Base
Fau wall for base
Vaults in base
Air purification system for base in case we are gassed in the base
Sunlights instead of normal lights where possible, lights that go bluer at night
Barricade system for windows, doors, and stuff
Duct Tape
Flash Lights
Free passes to cafeteria and such

Costumes and Gear:
Better Costumes/Suits (At least kick ass looking if nothing else) (Possibly immunity, energy absorption, movement, protection, strength, …)  
Full Scuba Gear (perhaps with swimming and dark vision built in, tweaked to match each persona)
Utility Belts and or bandoleers
Ear Plugs (Sonic attack blocking and/or hearing enhancements)
Hardened Cell Phones and Comms (Original guts with hardened outside that look normal)
Night Vision Goggles/Flash Goggles
Gas Masks (Normal or with built-in help)

First Aid Classes
Self Defense Classes
Flight Lessons (Vehicle Flight)
Any other education/classes helpful

Duct Tape
Flash Lights
Way to make phones have personal word that makes them search so if you say okay goggle they do not auto google for you. So you set your own phrase that activates the google search. 
A Treadmill that can not be broken by Mobius
Friction reducing shoes for Mobius

The info someone who becomes a US citizen of this time period wanting to become a citizen would get
Gift Card for Onyx to go and buy clothes and stuff
Qing Long:
Nothing Special, Thank you

Ball Gags
Rape Ties
Power neutralizing cuffs/restraints

Not sure

Meta App (Follows all social media, police/emergency bands, and other info on metas and Stormers while allowing the user to link to their own social media platforms)
Mini Audio/Video recorders (And to prove our innocence and review fights, can link with the Practice Room)
App and or watch that detects stormers based on Delta Waves that has optional google earth type overlay
Mini-Tracer bugs
Concealable microphone hardened

The Elephant:
More gadgets for The Elephant (Remotes, Phones, …)
Milkshake Machine for The Elephant
A workplace/workshop for The Elephant to make gadgets
Aluminum Foil for The Elephant
Camo suit that actually changes slightly with the environment or 1 per environment 

Cloaking device for Van
New Van
Backup Van
Beef up, cloaking for other transport
Backups of other transport

Stun Guns
Contacts/goggles (Protection from bright flashes, daze effects, computer glare, enhanced visions, … or at least bugs)
Pepper Spray
Brass/Power Knuckles
Pellets (Flash, Smoke, Sleep …)

Dear Mr. Mars,

 I do not know if we have all been reluctant to ask you for things or if the others have simply been too busy to even think about it. I have been thinking allot about it. It is wonderful that you have stepped up to help your city and help us. Your sponsorship and the time you have given helping us research have changed things more than you could know. You gave two of the team a home. There is nothing more valuable that you can give someone than that. Thank you for giving my friends something priceless.

 I have been hesitant to come to you on behalf of the team. You made it clear we would not be working for you but I did not want to feel we were. Your actions have spoken even louder than your words and have been showing that would not be the case. Having contemplated that even though we are are not working for you,  we are still a reflection not just of the city but now a reflection of you. I take those reflections seriously.

 If we do not let you know our needs and go out and fail, due to lack of coming to you, then we have failed the city and reflected poorly on you. I do not want to see the team, the city or your public image suffer. I understand you can not provide all the things we will ever ask for but I have yet to learn what we can ask for. I trust that though you may deny some of these requests you will do all you can to aid us and may even think of and provide things I had yet to think of.

 Thank you, Mr. Mars,

Quin Long

Wish List for Mars

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