Cryptid Clans

The Cryptids have been, and always will be.

They inhabit the woods, earth and skies around Emerald City. According to their own stories they have been here long before mankind walked these lands.  However, due to their numbers and innate reclusive natures they keep to themselves… mostly.

From the first people to reside in these lands, the Native American Hekawi tribes, to modern people there are stories of weird creatures in the woods and mountains. Most of those can be attributed to the various Clans of Cryptids.

The Guardians have found from their few interactions with them there are five heritages and five clans. 


  • Beast People – Born as human-animal hybrids. Typically one animal species. (Piper, and Vohl-Turr, are examples of this)
  • Changed Ones – Apparently born and raised human, until something happened to change them. (Wendell Quinn is an example of this)
  • Forsaken - Where the Beast People often appear as figures out of human myth, the Forsaken truly are myths and legends come to life. They are beings from Earth’s mystical past, or neighboring dimensions, trapped in the area of Mt. Stanley, most likely by the influence of viridian deposits. (Root, and possibly Lilac, are examples of this)
  • Unhumans - Unhuman genetics are inherently un-stable and mutable, changing radically from one generation to the next, such that Unhuman children virtually never resemble their parents and may have any number of unusual mutations or abilities.
  • Visitors - The Visitors are truly the least human of the Cryptid Clans because they are not human at all, but various strains of alien life, the flotsam and jetsam of other worlds, other suns, even other dimensions, cast up on the shores of Emerald City. (The Cholaxan "Sasquatch" are examples of these)


  • Rock - Rock Clan claims territory in the Atlas Mountains, including Mt. Stanley, and in the tunnels and caverns of Sub-Terra. 
  • River - The River Clan is made up of aquatic and amphibious Cryptids dwelling in or along the waterways surrounding Malory Bay, including the Albian River, the Red and Bronze Rivers, and Lake Vallee.
  • Sea - The smallest of the Cryptid Clans is the aquatic Sea Clan, which dwells in Malory Bay and the surrounding ocean shoreline near Emerald City. Where fresh water gives way
    to salt, the territory of the River Clan gives way to that of the Sea Clan.
  • Sky - The Sky Clan can technically claim the skies over the whole Arcadian Peninsula region as their domain, but effectively dwell in some of the highest places in the Atlas Mountains, ceded to them by the Rock Clan as their aeries.
  • Wood - Second only to the Rock Clan is the diverse and lively Wood Clan of Cryptids dwelling in the depths of the Elysian Forest and the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.
    The Wood Clan is simultaneously the most protective of the Cryptid Clans’ tradition of remaining hidden from the outside world and the most frequent violator of that
    tradition, intentionally or otherwise. Its members are responsible for the largest number of “cryptid sightings."







Cryptid Clans

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