Emerald Tower Staff

The Tower can't run itself. Acknowledging this The Guardians have brought in several people to assist with daily operations.

  • Reception – April Townsend – Blonde Hair, Glasses, Prefers Sweaters. 
  • Dispatch – Job is to monitor police and other emergency bands for potential situations that needs the Guardians

    • David Harding – Overweight Black Man. Loves his snack foods. The most personable of the three.
    • Joan Mason – Mousy brown hair and sweaters. Amazing at data analysis and prioritzation. 
    • Melissa Marks – Crew Cut and Buff, witty and sharp.
  • Tech Support and Research

    • Anthony Sanford – Claims French and Gaul descent. Brown hair, hookish nose. Primary focus on Biological
    • Rebecca Brown – Fit with long black hair. Primary focus on Technology
  • Public Relations – Trevor Perez – Sharp dressed Latino. Can be pushy on the team when doing things that would generate bad or frivoulous press.
  • Medical – Mallory Knox – Red Headed. Too happy to be engaged and needed.  Often roaming asking how else she can help.
  • Trainer – Harrison Hale – Scarred and Gruff. Former hero but won't reveal who he was.
  • Legal – Brad Elway – Perfectly set blonde hair, just messy enough. A bro who still uses bro.

Emerald Tower Staff

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