A young man, obviously attending Barry West H.S. and professes to being a Junior. At some point while on a European trip with his family in 2016 he stumbled across “Val of the Lor Knights.” The armor bonded with him, and now he is something of a junior hero in Emerald City. He tries to keep a low profile, but that is getting harder and harder.

Stormer: No
Incarcerated: No

UsNet: No
Tweeter: No
LinkIn: No
Gamer Tags: No



Session 6 – Sky High – Was attacked by the Knights of Lor as they attempted to recover their missing armor. The Guardians helped protect him and broker a deal with the Knights to allow him to finish schooling before going with them, if still needed, to learn to use the armor. Valor shared details of his escapades around the city, and his concern that the media was not reporting all the villain activities in the city.

Session 14 – Ghost Stories – Was on patrol when he saw a ghost-thing go into Red Shift. He went in and was affected by her mind altering powers resulting him destroying some of the warehouse. Luckily none of the materials were dangerous or in highly protected containers.

Session 15 – Sinking Feeling – Was sent with a decoy canister to Mars Tech. Remained there while the battle at Point Phorcys raged. Said that his on-board AI called Tellax a “Progenitor Event.”


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