Lady in power armor. Seems to work with the Navy in some capacity as Valor met her when trying to find some smugglers. They fought some other guy in an aquatic armor on a boat she called “Steel Head” the fight went underwater where he couldn’t really follow easily. Later she told Valor that “Steal Head” got away, but they stopped him from smuggling in some human cargo.

Stormer: No
Incarcerated: No

UsNet: No
Tweeter: No
LinkIn: No
Gamer Tags: No



Session 6 – Sky High – Mentioned by Valor to The Oz Guardians as one of the heroes he encountered previously operating in and around Emerald City.

Session 15 – Sinking Feeling – Her radio intercepted Brande Management’s call for help. Arriving at Point Phorcys she helped battle the controlled stormers. Once the structure began to fall apart and sink she assisted in getting everyone onto the guardians’ air-chariot. Returning to Emerald Tower with the team to try and figure out what was going on.


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