Eddie Ritter - Parking Lot Attendant


Eddie has been enhanced so that he is roughly ten times stronger, faster, smarter, and in all ways better than normal humans. He has no flashy superhuman powers but his abilities make him a well-rounded and dangerous.

In fact, it could be argued that while under the control of another he’s less capable as because he cannot fully use his heightened mental abilities.

Tenfold was transformed from a rather average-looking parking lot attendant into a dark-skinned, smoldering eyed Adonis in peak physical condition. Before succumbing to mind control, he’d decided to make himself a costume but had only gotten as far as some fashionable sportswear marked with a red “10.”

Stormer: Yes
Incarcerated: No

UsNet: No
Tweeter: No
LinkIn: No
Gamer Tags: No



Session 15 – Sinking Feeling – One of the silver eyed, and controlled, stormers. He left the conflict early to enter the super structure and offices of the facility. Either to plan something, or find something. Either way he escaped as the whole thing started to fall apart and sink, being carried to safety by Washout.


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