Silver Sorcerer

Dante Marcel


Name: Dante Marcel

Stormer: Yes

Incarcerated: No, Criminal of some sort in the Future that was Onyx’s past.

Known Powers: Transmutation.

UsNet: Followed
Tweeter: Followed
LinkIn: No Avaliable
Gamer Tags: Yes

Small time con artist using what appears to be real magic.



Session 5 – Pop Culture – Was a street performer before the movies began, doing magic. Primarily Transmutation type effects (Coin to Rose, Dollar to Gold etc). The Guardians who were present identified that he was using a lot of “honest” slight of hand, but with occasional boosts from some kind of power. He claimed it was real magic. Dante had already left by the time Lady Chain lost control of her anxiety and paranoia.

Session 16 – Star Bound – One of the many Stormers controlled by Tellax who assaulted Max Mars’s underground bunker in an attempt to recover the parts of Tellax in his possession. The Guardians were able to free Dante from Tellax’s control.

Silver Sorcerer

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