Michelle Okham


Name: Michelle Okham

Occupation: Director Red Shift Technologies



Location: Red Shift Technology Building, Jackson Park, Emerald City

Derek Barnes is her Chief Director of Research

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Gamer Tags: No



Session 4 – She welcomed the Oz Guardians to Red Shift Technologies and explained they were an energy research firm. And though they do have some technology able to generate the kinds of energies that were seen earlier that day, none of it should have been on that truck. In fact their current line of research is Carbon Nano-Tubes for High Energy Capacitors.

Session 8 – Invited by the team to investigate a sliver of metal recovered by the team in the Atlas Mountains, near the Silver Tree. Not the Heartstone of the Tree, but similar in nature. She announces that it does indeed appear to have been constructed at the molecular, or nano, level. Not something easily done on Earth.

Michelle Okham

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