Lord Etheric

Chad Sherwin


Name:Chad Sherwin

Stormer: Yes

Incarcerated: Yes

Appearance: Black Magicians Top Hot

Known Powers:

UsNet: No
Tweeter: Followed
LinkIn: No
Gamer Tags: No

Session 1 – Was created in the Silver Storm, captured after started causing havoc
Session 10 – Freed by FOE in jailbreak, then captured before he could get away.
Session 12 – Onyx met with him. He refused to try and turn another leaf, relishing the dark powers that he’s been gifted.

(My notes are as follows. Evil Magaician Man. Dark Aura – Dark Soul. Spouting off about All his dreams coming true, havign power. May have been a D&D Nerd who was bullied. – Kellie)




Lord Etheric

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