Lady Chain

Ally Handrix


Name: Ally Handrix

Stormer: Yes

Incarcerated: No, Probation with medical injector

Occupation: Former Coffee Shop Employee, Now a Sentinel

Known Powers: Increased Strength. Extending Chains from Arms. Regeneration.

Misc: Darren, Jake and Tatsu all knew and were friends with Ally from the Coffee House by Town Hall. Her increased regeneration made her mental medications not able to keep up with her system, causing mental instability.

UsNet: Followed
Tweeter: Followed
LinkIn: No
Gamer Tags: No



Sessions -

Session 5 Pop Culture – Lost control due to her medication wearing off in relation to her regenerative abilities. Was put on probation. But, later when she couldn’t find a job was hired by Mobius, in his civilian identity, to work at his gym.

Session 15 – Sinking Feeling – Mind controlled earlier that day Ally, “Lady Chain”, was part of the attacking forces of silver eyed Stormers. The Guardians were able to knock her out and restrain her. Taking her back to the tower after Tellax had risen and destroyed Point Phorcys. Her waking words, right after Moebius spoke was " Darren ?" She then went back to sleep.

Lady Chain

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