Kid Robot

Young AI in a boy sized super-powered body


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Kid Robot has a compact (boy-sized) mechanical body, which is tougher and stronger than a normal human boy’s. His computer “brain” is immune to mental powers that work on living minds. His real power is the kinetic deflector system he
was designed to control, now built into his robotic body. With it, Kid Robot can project various types of force, from a skintight deflector field to carefully focused force blasts and beams. He’s still learning how to control and manipulate his force projections, and has the potential for a lot of power stunts and new Alternate Effects.



A graduate of the prestigious Hanover Institute of Technology, Dr. Natalie Hallemier earned a reputation as a brilliant applied physicist and engineer for ground-breaking work in networking, cybernetic systems, and quantum technology. Working for Kinettix, a high-tech development firm, she spearheaded the ambitious Kinetic Deflector project, a sophisticated system of force generation and projection. So sophisticated, in fact, that a massively parallel control system was required to manage it. Dr. Hallemier spent at least as much time working on the quantum computer prototype to control her “KiD” (as she called it) as on the kinetic systems themselves.

The prototype had just entered the testing phase when a F.O.E. team tried to steal it. The break-in wrecked the lab,
but the real surprise came when the prototype demonstrated not only a sense of self-preservation, but a desire to safeguard Dr. Hallemier. A barrage of force field and kinetic blasts made short work of the off-guard F.O.E. members, and left Hallemier with the revelation that her “KiD” had become a self-aware artificial intelligence!

Working in secret, Natalie complied with “the Kid’s” request for a more humanoid form. She built a compact robotic housing for the kinetic deflector system and quantum computer. When Kinettix learned about her secret project, they attempted to seize the robot, who fled at Dr. Hallemier’s insistence.

“Kid Robot” found shelter with Emerald City mechanic Harry Faubry and used his force-projection capabilities to stop a
crime in progress. The press dubbed him “Kid Robot”.

In a court case with Kinettix, precedents involving new and novel life forms awarded Kid Robot legal status as a person, not company property. However, citing the relative inexperience and immaturity of “Kid Robot” (as pointed out by Kinettix), the court did respond to the company’s request that a legal guardian be appointed for the A.I. and chose Dr. Hallemier. Without the quantum computer system to run it, the doctor’s kinetic deflector prototype was useless to Kinettix, and their parent company, Brande Management.

Now Kid Robot (just “Kid” to many of his friends) splits his time between fighting crime and protecting people in danger and learning how to be “a real boy.


In spite of being a cutting-edge quantum-computing artificial intelligence, Kid Robot has the personality of a human ten-year-old boy. He’s inquisitive, eager-to-please, and fun-loving, but also easily bored and with a thirst for adventure and excitement. He loves being a super-hero, and chafes somewhat under the guidance of his guardian, Natalie. People are
often taken aback at how emotional Kid Robot is; his personality is not at all cold or “machine-like.” Quite the opposite, in fact.

Kid Robot

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