Alien Scientist - Formerly of the Lor Republic


Name – Gailen

Stormer: No

Appearance – Yellowish Skin, large head and eyes. Otherwise like most Humanoid of the Earth region of space.

Very intelligent, and determined to stop Collapsar. Risking his own existence by tracking it, and its acolytes, for months leading up to its attack on Magna-Lor.



Session 17 – Event Orizon – Was introduced as a scientist, and akin to a spy, who had collected data on Collapsar for months during his approach to Magna-Lor. Helped the Guardians escape Magna-Lor just as the planet was being consumed aboard his craft “The Pride.”

Session 18 – Port Hopping – He, and Guardians, scavenged the required parts for the broken hyperdrive from a former military transport. Escaping its security systems they traveled to Min-Tath, finding it occupied by the Stellar Khanate. Deciding they needed to quickly find a place with enough power to calculate, and understand, his collected data on Callapsar they traveled to Citadel, home of the Star Knights.


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