Name: Alian Facile Please Retcon this. His name is not known publicly.

Stormer: No

Incarcerated: No

UsNet: Followed
Tweeter: Followed
LinkIn: No
Gamer Tags: No

Known Powers:
Facade is able to change his appearance, from hair color to skin pigmentation, at will. However, it is reported to take at least a minute between these transformations. Also each new “skin” only lasts roughly a day before it falls away and must be regenerated, taking roughly a minute.


The spy and saboteur known as Facade appeared almost 10 years ago. He primarily operated in Europe, taking occasional jobs in the United States. What is known from his limited time in custody is that his body, at some point in the past, was severely burned by a hot accelerant.

His body continues to grow a new sheath of skin that seems to slough off roughly every 24 hours, only to regrow shortly after.

His incarceration is currently a point of contention. Emerald City has him in their prison, however AEGIS, Interpol, UNISON and other agencies all want to take custody of him to have him stand trial in various countries.

Session 10 – FOEs Gambit Escaped during the chaos of the FOE assault on the Police Holding Facilities in Session 10.


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