Power Armored Tank


Name: Robert Jackson

Stormer: No

Incarcerated: Yes

Known Powers:
Wore the advanced military prototype Dreadnought Armor

Possible Weakness: Requires others with technical know how to repair his suit. Anger control issues.


Session 10 – One of three strike team leaders during the Jail Break. Was captured, but his sacrifice allowed many others to escape.

Robert joined the US Military, the fourth in his line to do so. However, he felt they held him back; never realizing his potential. He hit a ceiling as a lieutenant in the armored cavalry services sounded nice, but it was at a mothball facility where expired, or unused, materials were stored.

That’s where he found the Dreadnought armor, he learned to pilot it through the manuals, then stole it

Since then he’s worked for FOE, they provide him tech support, while he helps provide military leadership and firepower.


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