The Oz-Guardians

Session 11 - FOEs Gambit

May 26th - 27th, 2017 - Extra Power Point

FOE continues their assault on Emerald City by stealing away one of the city's wealthiest tech tycoons while calling out The Oz Guardians. 




  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – QinLong
  • Matt – Mobius 
  • Richard – Mr. Stone
  • Rick – The Elephant


DragonEye and Qing Long met for Dim Sum and discussed a little about the origins of their powers, and offered to help each other as needed.

The next day there was a large afternoon event hosted by MarsTech for their employees. It was interrupted by drones firing rounds into the glass atrium. The Oz Guardians worked to save the guests, with Mobius revealing his identity to his date Sarah.

Max Mars was kidnapped via mind control and a portal while the Guardians were distracted.  Essentially FOE challenging them. Mars's security detail couldn't pick up his personal transponder, which the Elephant was able to bypass with his conspiracy tech and locate Mars.

The team gathered at the Cascade Salmon Wholesalers, finding a passage deep underground to the fabled "Chamber." Where a The Big Brain himself taunted them before most of FOE stormed the room to do battle.

The battle raged but was decidedly in favor of The Oz Guardians as they defeated all, but one Titanic, of the recruited Stormers. With FOE retreating and the Chamber exposed the day ended.

After the battle, while awaiting AEGIS and ECPD Mars explained that what they realized during the battle was what he had wanted to tell them after the event. He was once the villain "The Commander" using alien technology that he had discovered and reverse engineered. He had used his villain persona as a way to battle test some of his advancements. After the Terminus Invasion he retired that identity, however, he was "recruited" by the Chamber where he has been working to discover as much as possible and work from the inside to expose them.

He hadn't told them Oz Guardians initially because so many Stormers had turned evil, he wanted to make sure he could trust them.


  • Tom



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