The Oz-Guardians

Session 12 - Legal Eagles

May 28th, 2017

The heroes realized that FOE, or the Chamber, have legal assistance that were working to get various villains out of jail.


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone – Absent – Was exploring the underground with Mongoose.
  • Rick – The Elephant

NPCs of Note:

  • Dreadnought
  • Epiphany Jones
  • Max Mars
  • OctoMan
  • Lord Etheric
  • Prince & Long, Attorneys 

Most of FOE's attempts focused on Dreadnought and Epiphany Jones.  The legal resources that the Guardians, and Max Mars, were able to assemble have kept the villains in jail for now.

However, one has been swearing innocence since the day of the storm; Octoman. He claims to have no memories of him losing control after the storm.

Onyx also met with Lord Etheric, offering him a chance to redeem himself. He declined to say he relished in the new power he had, even if he's encountered a few setbacks.


  • Tom



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