Welcome to Emerald City, Oregon

Emerald City is a city known for being a quiet place far away from the strangeness that is seen in the rest of the world.  Over the last twenty years the city has seen prosperous growth from multiple tech start ups, raising the general standard of living and increasing the size of the city to dwarf most other cities on the north west coast.

Many aspects changed on Saturday April 15th, 2017.  A sunny, and unusually warm, day brought many people out to the parks and shopping along the Yellow Brick Road.  Then shortly after 1 PM there was an explosion, followed by the "The Silver Storm." 

Since then the city has witnessed people with powers, including their heroes "The Oz Guardians."

The Oz-Guardians

Emerald skyline KellieKing Tesla_Swarovski Matt_Bridges thinkingcake richardmonk Deckon