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The Oz Guardians

  • The Emerald Tower – Home Base of The Oz Guardians (Includes Vehicle Descriptions)
  • Emerald Tower Staff – Paid by a shell corporation created by Mars to be employees of the Guardians and act as support staff.

Emerald City – Includes Neighborhood Map and Summaries, History, Law & Order and Life in the City (Ex. Businesses and Entertainment) 

The Silver Storm

Cryptid Clans

The Universe at Large

  • Preservers – Ancient race who manipulated the development of the galaxy and many of the known races.
  • The Lor Republic – Formerly a great interstellar republic, led by the Lor. Now shattered and fallen to the Grue and Stellar Khanate.
  • Grue Unity – A protean race of shape shifters who share a caste system and a galaxy spanning hive mind.
  • Stellar Imperium – Formerly known as the Stellar Khanate. With the collapse of the Lor Republic after the destruction of Magna-Lor, their capital, by Collapsar the Khanate swept in. They are calling themselves the Imperium now and annexing many systems.
  • The Da Nek – A small cluster of worlds outside the former Lor Republic.  They are known as a group that are good at copying other race's as best they can. For instance they have they have their own Knights of Lar to copy the Star Knights.
  • Star Knights – Interstellar space cops sworn to protect the innocent.

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