• Atlas Mountain Sports – Now a national chain of sport and recreational supplies AMS was founded in Emerald City in 1948. The store is known for the familiar Green Smocks that all employees wear.


  • Brande Management – A diversified holdings company that operated internationally. Offering management, support and security services globally. Brande's corporate headquarters are in Emerald City.


  • Grant Conglomerates – GC opened local offices in Emerald City shortly after its founding by Jonathan Grant, who had attended ECU in the 70s. They are a holding company overseeing a number of high-tech interests.


  • KessKorp – Kessler Industrial Technology (K.I.T.) does business, and is better known, as KessKorp. It was founded in the late 1990s by a former section chief of AEGIS R&D. They have several DOD contracts and a rival with MarsTech in the technology world.


  • Majestic Industries – Based out of Freedom City the company maintains a large manufacturing facility in Emerald City. The company's focus is on chemical and heavy industry.


  • MarsTech - MarsTech focuses on computer and other information technology systems. Their systems are known for their adaptive natures, learning the user patterns and adjusting to optimize. It was the success of MarsTech that truly ignited the tech boom starting in the mid-90s.


  • Morgenstern Labs – This is a subsidiary of Grant Conglomerates and is a research facility focusing on biochem. It works closely with ECU in regards to internships and research grants.


  • Nolan Aircraft – Established in the early 20th century Nolan Aircraft was one of the first "Aeroplane" manufacturers. The designs were typically advanced, and expensive, compared to others in the field.  This lead to them being a supplier for many of the costumed mystery men of the mid-20th century. After WW II however their focus shifted to commercial designs and are the region's major aircraft manufacturer employing thousands of workers.


  • Nova Communications – The largest US cellular and wireless digital technology provider. Based in Freedom City, they have a large presence in Oz. Their stores and kiosks litter the shopping centers of the country. 


  • Redshift Energies – Redshift's reputation is currently damaged, as its name has been broadcast as associated with the events around the Silver Storm.  They are a subsidiary of MarsTech with a focus on energy production and storage.


  • USNet – A large ISP, but primarily known for their social networking aspects. People have their USNet profiles where they load pictures, blurbs and generally share their daily lives, and cat videos.


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