The Emerald Tower


The top five floors of Emerald Tower are devoted to the team’s HQ. There are security systems, shock supports, and reinforcements separating those floors from the lower ones, and access is limited to a secured express elevator and equally secure roof access.

• First floor: The mostly-public floor. It contains meeting rooms and communications centers, as well as computer equipment, offices, the infirmary, and a library.

• Second floor: Personal quarters, gym, kitchen, dining area, and entertainment room.

• Third floor: Power core, environmental equipment, defense systems, and storage rooms.

• Fourth floor: Labs and workshops take up about half the level, with the other half devoted to a two-story combined training room and gym.

• Top floor: Divided between hangar facilities and the upper area of the training room.


Size: Large Toughness: 16 Features: Communications, Computer, Defense System, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System, Workshop


Provided by Maximilian Mars, the Chariot is a highly advanced vertical takeoff and landing vehicle capable of super-sonic speeds and reaching the upper layers of the at mosphere. It seats up to a dozen people and can accommodate a few tons of cargo. It incorporates some of Mars’ most advanced technology including self-repair systems that can rebuild the ship nearly from scrap given enough time.


Size: Gargantuan STR: 12 Speed: 9 Flight (7 Swimming) DEF: 6 TOU: 14 Features: Alarm 3 (DC 30), Flight 9 (1,000 MPH; AE: Swimming 7 (60 MPH)), Features 2 (Loudspeakers and Spotlights), Navigation System 3 (+15 to checks), Remote Control, Regeneration 1, Senses 11 (Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radar (Accurate Radius Radio, Extended 2), Time Sense)



Designed for travel around the city and the region, the Van is used when the team needs transport, but the Chariot is impractical or unnecessary.

Size: Huge Strength: 9 Speed: 7 Flight (6 Swimming); Defense:8 Toughness: 10 Features: Alarm 3 (DC 30), Flight 7 (250 MPH; AE: Swimming 6 (30 MPH)), Features 2 (Loudspeakers and Spotlights), Navigation System 3 (+15 to checks), Senses 6 (Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radio, Time Sense)


The Apollo

Another vehicle provided by Max Mars. Built based on the Tetrastar, which carried the Oz Guardians back to Earth.  Max's group was able to mechanically reproduce the engine systems, but the OS was lost along with the complex math required for Hyper-Space. Luckily prior to the computer core failure MechaStar had made a copy of the core systems. When the two came together The Apollo was born. A couple months later she had been constructed at MarsTech, passed her shake down and was delivered to the Oz Guardians as promised.


Strength 12, Defense 6, Toughness 14, Size Gargantuan

Alarm 1, Navigation System 3, Remote Control, Spot Lights & Loud-Speakers 2

Flight: Flight 10 (Speed: 2000 miles/hour, 4 miles/round; Aquatic)
Hyper and Space Drives: Movement 2 (Dimensional: Hyper-Space 1, Space Travel 1: within solar system)
Immunity: Immunity 10 (Life Support)
Mounted  Energy Weapon: Damage 7 (DC 22; Increased Range: ranged, Multiattack)
Regeneration: Regeneration 2 (Every 5 rounds, Limited: Requires Raw Materials it can work with)
Senses: Senses 11 (Accurate: Radar, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Extended: Radar 3: x1k, Radius: Radar, Time Sense)

Mounted  Energy Weapon: Damage 7, +0 (DC 22)

The Emerald Tower

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