Tag: Cryptid


  • Vohl-Turr

    Sessions: "Session 7":http://oz-guardians.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/session-7-the-outback - Leader of the Sky Clan came to investigate the strange Cryptids from the city, refusing to acknowledge them as anything but. He also seemed to be able to …

  • Wendell Quinn

    Sessions: "Session 7":http://oz-guardians.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/session-7-the-outback - Introduced as the guardian of the Silver Tree, an important relic of his clan. It could be used to save the life of the mortally wounded, but they would be …

  • Hearthern

    Sessions "Session 13 - Broken Hearted":http://oz-guardians.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/broken-hearted - Part of the Cryptid attack force that struck against the Emerald Tower.

  • Werner Branch

    Sessions: "Session 13 - Broken Hearts":http://oz-guardians.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/broken-hearted - Part of the attacking Cryptid group.