The Oz-Guardians

Session 33 - Over & Done
October 16th, 2017 - Extra Power Point

A week later with AEGIS, ECPD and FBI coordinating to shut down several safe houses and minor manufacturing facilities ran by the rogue Brett Reynolds. Until at one site there is a distress call due to heavy resistance.


  • Elizabeth – Onyx 
  • Eric – Mechastar 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone 

NPCs of Note:

  • Cauldron
  • Domo – The female Commander, who was revealed to have been a robot desiring order in the world.
  • Robot Endo-Skeletons Wearing Power Armor


  • Team was called to assist with a site where AEGIS and others were meeting more resistance. When they arrived they were able to push their way into a warehouse that had been converted into a factory building endoskeletons and armor components. 
  • Also in the warehouse were Cauldron and Domo. In Domo's hand was the Silver Heart from the Cryptid's tree, and behind her were screens saying that a massive upload was in progress.
  • MechaStar was able to determine that Domo, the female Commander, was in fact a robot and not a person in power armor.
  • Domo explained that soon she would be able to create another storm and control the stormers using the Silver Heart, creating an army she can use to impose order.  Cauldron and the others in power armor were a means to an end, to help acquire the required technology without exposing her own operations.
  • Needless to say Brett Reynolds, Cauldron, had exposed a facility that she was actually located at.
  • A protracted battle ensued, during which Cauldron's armor began to charge up and he was "rewarded" by becoming a Stormer.  Similar to Stone however with some kind of internal fire combusting inside him. Still with massive strength and ability to generate energy as he was in the armor, his 'birthing pod.'
  • During the battle Domo attempted to use the Silver Heartstone to take control of both Mobius and Stone, failing against both.
  • Ultimately Cauldron was defeated, and when knocked out he reverted back to flesh and bone. When Domo was disabled Qing Long jumped on top of her and tore her to pieces.
  • The team then took Domo's remains to the tower for study while Cauldron was carted off by AEGIS, now fully under their domain as a metahuman.
  • Stone and his family went home to find that someone had been staying there without their permission, the most likely culprit based on the evidence was Mongoose. 
  • Qing Long and DragonEye continued to hide their relationship and make dates.
  • MechaStar with Erika, from Prosperio's Bookstore, and Onyx and Melanie Moore agreed on a double date.
Session 32 - Boiling Over
October 10th, 2017

With information from Ultramarine, plus their own recon, the Oz Guardians start to search an area. Mechastar's ground penetrating vision reveals a base hidden under a suburban neighborhood filled with power-armor wearing villainy!


  • Elizabeth – Onyx 
  • Eric – Mechastar 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone 

NPCs of Note:


  • Stone met with Mongoose to discuss if anything was happening in the underground. She said that she's currently working protecting an electronics person, and that they can't keep some stuff in stock. Like Micro-Gyros. Also, when pressed about anything related to someone trying to create another storm she admitted it might not be a bad thing for it to happen, let everyone suffer the way she has. But, yes, some stormers have gone missing in the maze with the rumors of someone called Dr. Shock being battered around like a boogie man.
  • Tatsu went to the salon with her mom in the Little Osaka, the primarily Japanese part of Eastern District. There was a drive by while they were there from a Chinese gang called "The Red Monkeys." Tatsu chose to remain in her civilian guise than risk exposing her identity in the crowded place. Her mother's comment was, "If only there was something someone could have done."
  • Onyx made a date with Melanie Moore, who will be in town for a few days and Mechastar made a date with Erika owner of Prospero's Books. The four have agreed on a double date, in part setup by Mobius.  What could go wrong?
  • The team were then discussing their options, and Ultramarine came into their conference room to inform them that someone they had found rolled over and gave some information on the Trident and their operations and these tech heists. One of their heists they had to help move a shipment inland. Was able to give a rough area where the exchange occurred and saw what direction the shipment was taken.
  • The Oz-Guardians loaded up on "The Goose," their Chariot, with Mechastar taking point outside the vessel. Scanning the area as they progressed they finally saw the base. Mechastar saw that they were prepping for a fight, people finishing putting on armor, one person wearing a one-of-a-kind suit putting on his helmet after barking orders.
  • The team landed the craft and were discussing options, as well as making a call for assistance after doing a quick head count and finding 17 opponents. This delay gave the enemies the time they needed to escape the base using three exits. One was disguised as a storm drain down the hill, wide enough to move large supplies in and out of, the other two were maintenance hatches between houses.  The fight was on.
  • Quickly Qing Long was the focused target of many strikes, taking a beating and was nearly taken out when Stone was able to jump in front of what might have been a killing blow. Just after a wall was kicked out from the second story of a house and a suit of armor decloaked and started firing explosive armor piercing rounds into "The Goose" destroying it with Mobius and Onyx in it. Though neither were hurt, Mobius escaped, while Onyx was pinned in the wreckage.
  • Then the leader of the operation stepped forward calling Stone "Half-Jack." The same nickname given to him by a bully in High School, Bretty Reynolds, the same man who had been coming around Vicky and also trying to weasel his way deeper into Jake's garage business by using All-American Mufflers, a subsidary of All-American Technologies Unlimited. Then fired an intense cosmically infused blast of raw energy that ripped into everything it touched, which happened to be Jake Stone.
  • Jake reacted by hammering away buzzers that were threatening Qing and then burrowing under the ground and hiding under Cauldron/Brett to infuriate him.
  • Mechastar took position in the sky and started to fire down at the enemy forces. This drew the attention of the Fire-Stars who took flight and began a three on one aerial dogfight.
  • Swath then made her presence known by skimming past Mobius and attempting to cut up his Achilles Tendon. From that point forward she continued her hit and run tactics.
  • The fight continued, somewhat stalled with the minions slowly being whittled away then the fight seemed to surge in the direction of the Guardians when a few key things happened.

    • Cauldron stepped forward to try and press the attack, Stone came up from behind and knocked him straight up and followed up by knocking him across the street and into a house.
    • Swath grabbed Qing Long, then threw her on the ground and told her to stay down. She knew who and what she was, and didn't want to kill her. 
    • Dreadnought's continued use of area based attacks against the speedster and teleporter who avoided his attacks with the most ease.
  • Stone heard a loud noise, then a woman scream followed by creaking and moaning; all from the house that Cauldron had been knocked into.  When he rushed in he found a woman clutching a child while pinned under a wall, which had obviously been pressed down onto her. With the building about to collapse Stone jumped onto them to shield them the best he could with his body.
  • Qing started to talk with Swath, explaining that she could tell she was an honorable woman and that this fight was not that. Doing anything she could to keep her out of the fight longer, and to stand still to give others a chance to fire on her. Since whenever she chose to hide she seemed to confound sensors and even vision naturally.
  • Cauldron had fled through a tunnel he had ripped through the floor of the house that collapsed around Stone and his passengers as he tunneled out to safety. The woman's child though was still not responsive, Stone asking on coms for help!
  • The Sentinels arrive in time to help with mopping up what was left of the power armored mercs.
  • Mobius ran up to Dreadnought and tried to grab him after the punch failed horribly. The grab stuck, but out muscled Mobius stood there unable to budge him. Dreadnought then grabbed Mobius and flew straight up. Mechastar who had been in a dogfight with all the remaining Fire-Stars up to that point pealed off to chase after the two of them.
  • While Onyx and Stone worked to resuscitatethe young boy one of the Rippers turned the corner and tried to fire on them, almost hitting the kid. When Stone relayed this on the radio Swath reacted asking Qing if that was true, then stated that if her employer and then his other employees would endanger a child her contract was ended and walked away. Qing then went to heal the child and teammates.
  • Dreadnought told Mobius that he didn't want to kill him, so they were just going to fly off for a bit. Then Mechastar gets there and plays tug of war for Mobius, and wins. Dreadnought flies off while Mechastar and Mobius tumble, at first, then fly back to the fight.  Mobius is dropped onto the head of the last standing Ripper who collapses under the strike.
  • The team then stick around as ECPD, FBI and AEGIS swarm the place. Dragon Eye already working hard to restore as much as his restorative powers will allow him.


Session 31 - Lies & Revelations
October 5th, 2017

Having rescued Mobius the team regroups at the Tower to check on their families while they discuss what's happened and where to go from where they are.


  • Elizabeth – Onyx 
  • Eric – Mechastar 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone – Absent – Was busy talking with his kids about what had happened.

NPCs of Note:

  • The Families of all the Heroes
  • The Sentinels



  • Mobius is thinking of going public with his identity.  His mother, Martha, laid a lot of guilt on him but agreed ultimately it was his decision. While Sarah asked for a few days to think on it.
  • Mechastar asked Ultramarine if there was any follow-ups on Trident's activities and possible connections with the sudden surge in power armored foes in Emerald City.
  • Mechastar showed the new Tessaract to the team, and the associated AI "Tess." 

    • While there he revealed his identity to Max Mars, who in turn revealed that he was at one time the original "Commander." A villain who retired after the Terminus invasion, or at least tried to before the Chamber in Emerald City essentially forced him back in. From which he tried to get information while building the Tower as a bastion of hope and base for a team he planned to recruit.
  • Qing's parents were worried about her "new" boyfriend, which then got revealed to the team. This is complicating matters as Dragon Eye and Qing have been hoping to keep their relationship quiet, but Dragon Eye couldn't just disappear so that Larry could show up.  Onyx picked up on the face that the two were still together, and Qing not knowing this asked Onyx to go and tell her mom that the "new" boyfriend had been moved to another safehouse. Onyx barely succeeded. 
  • Onyx received a phone call from Dante (Silver Sorcerer), calling her Elvina. Then apologizing and saying he had a wrong number after asking if it was Onyx he was speaking to.
  • The team were given a new shuttle, this time capable of space flight and hyperspace. It also was armed with a small laser pulse cannon.

    • While on the test flight they decided to find some debris to fire at on the dark side of the moon. Once there they were hailed by "Farside" and asked what they were doing there. After the initial confusion was set aside Farside explained for future travel in their space they would need to clear it through the Atom Family first.
    • Farside then politely provided targets, three slow moving missiles, for the team to fire at.


Session 30 - Rescue Operation
October 5th, 2017

With Mobius captured the Oz Guardians hurry to make sure family and friends are secure, unsure if RipJack will be able to crack Darren and get any information from him.  Rescue becomes a priority!


  • Elizabeth – Onyx 
  • Eric – Mechastar 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone

NPCs of Note:



Session 29 - University Blues
October 5th, 2017

Reports of armed men entering the Parker Science Building at ECU prompts the Oz Guardians into action. Who they find waiting for them is literally a blast from the past!


  • Elizabeth – Onyx – Testing the new dimensional hopping abilities she has opened up in her nano-tech.
  • Eric – Mechastar - Stuck in a boardroom meeting that he could not escape. 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone

NPCs of Note:

It was just before 1 PM when Melissa in Dispatch called out to available Guardians, "We have at least two dozen armed men entering the Parker Science Building at ECU. One of them reported to be in some kind of Power Armor."

It was lunch time on a college campus, the risk of civilian hostages or casualties was real. What kind of target, or person, would demand this blatant an assault?

The team arrived at the building, covering the three main entrances to the building's ground floor. As they looked in they saw students, a little more than a dozen, standing still. Qing spotting among them a person in fatigues, in her full dragon form she pushed open the doors and let loose a column of fire. The magical flames avoiding all the students and striking the man who had reached for a side-arm.

As soon as he crumpled the girl beside him started to yell for him as he was screaming in pain on the ground. It turned out he was a member of ROTC still wearing his uniform during lunch. The holster empty.  

Even after the flame burst the students didn't budge. The heroes yelled in asking them what was going on, the students replied that men showed up with rifles and told them to stand still before taking the faculty upstairs and then rolling what looked like grenades everywhere. With that the Guardians saw the little canisters with what appeared to be blinking motion detectors.

Mobius risked running at high speed and grabbing one, throwing it outside. It didn't explode but instead started hissing smoke and making a high pitch sound. That's when men burst through the doors behind Mobius and opened fire. Only a few bullets struck him and shortly after Mobius would make short work of them.

Qing flew upstairs on the outside of the building to look for the faculty and staff. She found them corralled into a single room watched over by two soldier-types.  When they started to gas the staff she flew through the window, transforming into her Half Dragon form she punched them into unconsciousness.  With the window now shattered the sleeping gas started to disperse and Qing started ferrying people to safety of the Police parameter.

Stone used his ability to swim through the ground to grab the grenades he saw and leave them in the earth. Setting them off in the process, but safely inside the ground under the building.

Then men opened the office door directly across from Mobius, two of them with grenade launchers. The hallway around Mobius erupted, and in his quick maneuvers to avoid shrapnel and debris he lost his ear piece. 

He and Stone dealt with the four-man squad as Qing was notified of sniper teams on the roof using heavy artillery. They had started to fire on approaching law enforcement vehicles and making them inoperable, or proving that they wouldn't provide cover against the heavy .50 caliber sniper rifles. Flying over the lip of the roof she was able to fly quickly from group to group as she beat them all with her martial arts. In seconds that threat was over.

On the first floor Mobius started ushering people out of the building, trying to get them to safety, while doing so some of the students motioned towards one room, "They went in there."

Stone burst through the wall and towards the last of the soldiers. In clinical room was what appeared to be a technician on the floor taking boards out of a massive MRI looking machine, watching over him was RipJack in some kind of new armor. A newer version of the Guard drone hovering nearby.

Stone threatened him, then was shocked as his hammer was pulled away. RipJack responded with "Thanks for bringing it back."  A grim reminder that it was originally RipJack's. That's when Stone noticed the six men in the control room for this machine with a hostage: Lance Carter.  The very same doctor at ECU who had originally studied the Stormer DNA months earlier.

The fight was on.

Sometime later Qing and Stone heard Melissa say there were now reports of a break in at the Richards Computer Sciences Building across campus. Stone volunteered to take care of that, possibly shaken with how poorly the fight was going with RipJack and his men.

Mobius volunteered to stay behind and take care of it with Qing.  Qing beating the hostage takers and freeing Lance flew him out quickly. Mobius however was having trouble. Between the Guard and RipJack's armor being electrified the two were becoming equally injured.

Stone found TenFold, last seen when the oil rig sank from when Tellax rose from the deep. His eyes silver, indicating he was still being controlled by some outside force. TenFold was trapped behind rubble, and trying to get free.  Stone came up from behind and was able to grab him in a full nelson. 

As TenFold was offering to help Stone be part of the conformity. To escape his troubles and help bring the world into a proper control. Then the water started to drip in through the rubble. The other options were let TenFold go or drown.  Stone beat TenFold till TenFold was knocked out.

Water still rushing in, threatening Stone he grabbed TenFold and retreated. Taking them both to the surface.

Stone yelled for help in the comms drawing Qing to aid him. Mobius, now hurting continued to pair off against RipJack. Both suffering as the second drone came in to fight along with RipJack's first.

Qing was able to heal TenFold as silver liquid streamed from his eyes. He was confused, unsure what was happening, his last memories being from June 10th, months earlier.

Back at the Science building Mobius had forced RipJack to attempt to escape by blasting through a wall, and flying off. Mobius jumped on his back. Suffering the electric shocks of the armor the two flew upwards, the two guards going with them. Nearly a half minute later the two were well over a few thousand feet in the air before Mobius was able to knock out RipJack and disable the jets by reaching into the armor and starting to tear out parts.

The guards, after prompting from Mobius, flew under RipJack's form and cushioned his fall. Slowing them both. Mobius held on as he realized they were taking them away from the ECU.  As they got closer to downtown Mobius heard RipJack start to rouse just before the electrified shell powered up again knocking Mobius out.

Mobius is now a captive of RipJack.

Back at campus the technician was stopped as he was wrapping up transmitting the data from the machine.

When speaking to Carter it was revealed that the machine was an advanced medical scanner that had been used on dozens of Stormers, and non-Stormers alike. They were trying to unravel what exactly the Silver Storm did, and how it altered the people affected. The mainframe that was hit was a DARPA machine used to take that data to work out possible universal neutralizer beam weapon, or more, to deal with Stormers. 

The Guardians have realized that these medical related attacks are being orchestrated with the goal of creating or easily neutralizing Stormers. And that the female Commander may be somehow involved.


Session 28 - Medical Malpractice
September 20th - Extra Power Point

A monster rampages across a little community shopping district. Already causing massive damage, the Guardians may have met their match!


  • Elizabeth – Onyx – Testing the new dimensional hopping abilities she has opened up in her nano-tech.
  • Eric – Mechastar 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone

NPCs of Note:

Roughly 2:35 PM on a quiet Wednesday afternoon a small community in West Vallee was shaken by the abrupt appearance of Chevron. The hulking monster was hit, accidentally, by a semi-truck. The creature lashed out by ripping the container of fuel free and throwing it nearly a mile away into a residential neighborhood.

In the few minutes it took for the news to start pouring out, police and AEGIS bands to flood with traffic and the Oz Guardian's Dispatch to call up all active Guardians and Sentinels, Chevron had already caused massive damage to several buildings. In particular a corner of a building had collapsed into the street. 

Mechastar took time to make sure people were safe from the fires spreading across the Avalon Springs sub-division while Mobius was the first on the scene. He saw Chevron tearing a car in half trying to get to a young boy. Mobius was able to save the boy. Chevron angrily flung the now vacant car into an apartment building.

As the Guardians and Sentinels showed up individually their attacks seemed to have little to no effect.  Mechastar and Mobius concentrated on getting civilians to safety, and beyond the cordons setup a few blocks away, while the other heroes on scene focused on trying to take down Chevron.

As the fight continued they realized they would have to focus their attacks at once to possibly defeat the monster. Chevron, confused as the heroes seemed to make a circle him, jumped with a rolled up car towards a nearby roof. Throwing the destroyed car at one of the nearby news station's helicopters. Qing Long interposed and took the hit, it glancing off her fully dragon form. The helicopter contained Esteban Garcia.

Seeing how far the monster had jumped, carrying a multi-ton vehicle that it tossed like nothing, everyone knew it was now or never; Chevron was looking to escape this fight.  Combining all their firepower the team caused the now vacant building to collapse as Chevron gave a violent howl.

The assembled heroes, including Kid Robot, started pulling the monster from the rubble. AEGIS started wrapping it in large nullifier bands and were bringing in a flatbed to transport the unconscious beast.

Dragoneye and Qing stayed on the street level healing and repairing what damage they could while the others followed the path of destruction to a "Beer Chute" style elevator.  Following it down they found what appeared to be an abandoned bomb shelter.  The doors showing no sign of use, and were ripped outwards by Chevron as it tore through this sub-basement.

Once inside the bomb shelter they found a much more modern medical and research facility. Destroyed in the center of a large tiled room was a vessel labeled "C.E.R.V. – One  (Containment, Exposure and Research Vault)." The womb of what was now Chevron.

Nearby was a tunnel that had obvious use and appeared to go deep into 'The Maze' hidden under the city.  In a nearby room was one of the missing Nano-Assemblers from Red Shift Technology.

The teams worked tirelessly into the night to recover any people that were trapped and help repair what damage they could. Dragonstar showing off his healing ability, but it only seemed to work on objects that preferred their original state. (So he said).

Garcia, on his new late-night, spot did a rousing dedication to the assembled forces that contained the threat to a few blocks. Then unlike many other teams have displayed they didn't fly off, but stayed behind with the common people to help clean up the mess.


- Meanwhile - 

* Break in during "The Big Boom Theory" at 9:33pm*

I'm Chad Conover and this is a special bulletin from the Channel 7 news room here in Emerald City.  We have received a report that the giant creature calling itself "Chevron" that terrorized the town this afternoon …

cut to chopper video of the fight

… and was taken into custody by AEGIS the Oz Guardians and Sentinels …

cut to AEGIS + Guardians pulling him out of the rubble

… has broken free and escaped while being transported to a holding center …

* cut to what looks like cell phone footage of a truck, smoke pouring from the cab, agents firing standard weapons and/or some sort of green particle weapon at Chevron, who is ripping chains off himself and throwing the remaining half of the nullifier through a nearby billboard.  Nothing the agents are doing seems to even draw Chevron's attention, but after rolling off the flatbed he stumbles over to the side of the road and "dives" into the ground, leaving a tunnel.

… Near the western side of the Red River Bridge.  Citizens near that area are encouraged to stay in their homes until AEGIS and the Emerald City Police signal all clear.   Oh, yes, ok, it seems we have contacted AEGIS and have one of their
agents on the phone…

* The anchor goes silent and the audio flips over to a phone call with another reporter *

Reporter: What do we need to tell citizens right now, agent Nguyen?

Nguyen: *sounds of commotion, people yelling, most likely she is near/at the incident site
Right now, it seems like Chevron wasn't as badly hurt as it seemed, or he heals rather quickly.  In any case, he was able to break free of control and tunneled away.  We tracked him for quite a distance, but lost the lock as he left Emerald City and he went too deep.  We believe that, for the time being, he's run off.  Agents are currently searching and are deploying seismic sensors to detect him if he returns, but for now it looks like the danger has passed.  We're in contact with the Guardians to assist in tracking him down.

Reporter: Thank you, is there anything citizens need to do right now?

Nguyen: No, takes a deep breath we're in cleanup mode right now, and calling in the DoT to get the road back in service before the morning commute.  Luckily nobody was hurt past a few bruises, but there's quite a mess here.   We ask that
you DO NOT approach the scene, there are still damaged vehicles that have not been extinguished and the area is still dangerous.  The area has been cordoned off and you will be subject to arrest if caught inside the area…

* back to anchor

… We'll do our best to get footage of the scene as soon as possible and will provide an update on the situation during the 11pm news.  For now, we will return you to your program, already in progress.

* News 7 logo spins up from the banner at the bottom, jingle plays *

*cut back to laugh track
"Jenny?" Knock, Knock, Knock, more laugh track

Session 27 - Moral Grays
September 9th - 11th, 2017

What happens when a hero may have killed a villain? What if it was an accident? On purpose? Maybe both?


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Eric – Mechastar 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone

NPCs of Note:

  • Agent McKenzie – Part of the investigative team from AEGIS
  • Agent Nguyen – Part of the investigative team from AEGIS
  • "The Interrogator" – Conducted the questions with Stone at AEGIS HQ
  • "Legal" – Came to personally let Jake know AEGIS wouldn't be going forward with legal action
  • Brad Elway – Was brought in by the team when it looked like they were getting into legal hot water, bro.
  • Caleb Gardner – Called the team after they left the Moore Estate to let them know that some people were asking what happened to Abracadaver. Was he in custody or had the Oz Guardians killed him, or worse?

The team received a call from Caleb letting them know, off the record, that the police and some press were starting to question what happened to Abracadaver. Had he been defeated? If so where was he?  The team decided to go talk to AEGIS, since they were always saying that they were there to help the Guardians interface with government and police agencies.  However, AEGIS was busy and made an appointment for Monday to do the debrief.

In the meantime:

  • Jake told JJ all about what happened. Jake confused asked his dad, if he killed Abracadaver and heroes don't kill people… even though his daddy wasn't a bad guy what does that make him?
  • Onyx called Melanie, and much to her surprise answered. Happy to hear from her. Talking about how she looked forward to seeing her again.
  • Qing spent long evenings and days with Dragon Eye in their civilian identities. However, she explained, again, that she could not consummate their relationship fully unless they were married. He, again, said he understood.
  • Mechastar followed up with Erika and made sure she was okay after all the events. And, also worked to make his civilian identity seem like a rich spoiled snob by harassing the cops about his Lamborghini. He is concerned about a picture on one of the news programs showing him running towards his car, as that same camera might have caught him changing into his armor when he was defending the house.
  • Mobius took Josh Jones, the power stealer, out into the woods and revealed himself. Letting Josh steal his powers and told him. "Don't sell the power, sell the legend." Implying that becoming a villain would only last so long.  Then Sunday took Sarah, his girlfriend, to the dinner Mechastar arranged. They enjoyed it, but after someone tried to mug them to which Darren using his normal martial prowess stopped

 On Monday the team went to AEGIS, built over the old Chamber, and explained everything that happened. McKenzie explained that unfortunately there are laws that cover this. And, a lot of what Legal chose to do was based around intent and the results of the an interrogation. Once Stone consented he was taken away to the chamber.

There he was asked a battery of questions ranging from those related to Abracadaver, to those about his personal life. At the end he was released and told that Legal would review the findings and he would be notified.

The team reached out to their legal rep, this totally awesome guy Brad Elway. So, he comes upstairs right? And, lays down some good sagely advice that would have covered their asses if the time came, bro.

The following day he was notified when a man arrived with the interrogator at his garage, asked to go to Jake's office. The interrogator asking as his assistant: opening doors and pulling chairs.  The man told that AEGIS had finished reviewing the available information and determined not to press charges. And, that they would interface with other law enforcement agencies to explain the situation.

When he rose to leave Stone asked his name and the man simply answered, "Legal."

When Jake told the team the news they were elated. When asked about "Legal" Elway explained they often anonymize their legal and other non-field departments to protect them from vengeful people.

<If I left anything out let me know>


Session 26 - Grave Peril
September 8th - 9th, 2017 - Extra Power Point

Abracadaver finds his way into the Moore's Attic, then the vault. The protectors of Emerald City must stop him from gaining the knowledge to unleash untold doom into the world.


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Eric – Mechastar - Stayed in the real world to ensure the manor, and Melanie were safe.
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone

NPCs of Note:

  • Abracadaver – After using the corpse of Dr. Spectre to gain access to the Attic he forced his way through to the vaults where the final confrontation with the Oz Guardians occurred.
  • Erika Swarthout – Fled the estate once it was cleared of zombies.
  • James Singer – At the end took Melanie Moore to see Eldritch, and the Circle of Light about receiving training.
  • Melanie Moore – When the attic opened her mind appeared to unlock lost and hidden memories. She provided the required ways into the Attic Vaults, but also could not go in herself. Asking for a particular item to be brought out, its' purpose unknown.
  • The Moore Estate  – Creaking and bowing to the unleashed mystic energies it stood resolute as it has for decades. It sighed, as the conflict ended, knowing that it would not be sold. Most, if not all, its' possessions returned.



Session 25 - House Warming
September 8th, 2017

The Moore Estate was host to one hellava swinging party! Even the party crashers came in their ghoulish best.


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Eric – Mechastar
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone

NPCs of Note:

  • Abracadaver – Assaulted the estate sale trying to find the true key to the "Attic." Could not acquire it so used his backup, the corpse of Dr. Spectre.
  • Erika Swarthout – Went with Mechastar, as James Bridges, to the antique dealer portion of the Moore Estate sale.
  • James Singer – Was taken out of commission with a powerful magical assault that was used as a distraction by Abracadaver.
  • Max Mars – Was honest and upfront with the team about why he's been distant, guilt over closing the gate. Started trying to make emotional ammends.
  • The Moore Estate  – Was host to a swinging zombie party.


Session 24 - Medical Madness
September 7th, 2017

The team's research into mystic threats is interrupted by a distress call of a merchant ship by Medtech. The company owned by MechaStar in his civilian identity.


  • Eric – Mechastar
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius

NPCs of Note:

  • Erika Swarthout – Owner of Prospero's Book Club. Can help get Mechastar into the early estate sale.
  • James Singer – Helped make a salve to cure the last bit of a petrification, in doing so addicted the person to nicotene
  • Josh Jones – Revealed to Mobius, as Darren, that he can steal powers from other "Enhanced"
  • Max Mars – Spoke with Qing about why he's been avoiding them the last month or so. Guilt over abandoning them in space.
  • The Moore Estate 


Early in the morning of the 7th James Bridges, or Mechastar as he is known by his team mates in the Oz-Guardians, is awoke by his assistant with news that a ship carrying advanced imaging equipment on the way over from manufacturing facilities sent a distress call about 40 minutes ago.  There is already a security team en route.

Mechastar gets the information on last known location and radios the dispatcher on duty and asks for assistance.  In a matter of minutes he, Mobius and Qing are on the Chariot heading west over the ocean.  When the arrived at the ship they found the radio and radar masts destroyed. Some obvious hull damage. Blast marks. And littering the deck the forms of several people.

After a full recon of the ship it was found that only two people were dead, the Captain and Quartermaster. However, one person had been petrified into stone.  The remaining crew had mostly been subdued with non-lethal weapons, like stun blasters.  They described a woman who looked like a red snake with white and black stripes, like a coral snake. There were two other people in charge, both in power armor. The rest were people in boiler suit style uniforms and all had a trident like symbol on them.

They had unloaded all the medical equipment, and loaded it all onto their giant submarine that was made up to look like some kind of serpent crossed with a whale.  While they described this Qing was able to pull most of the infection from the stone man letting him move again, but he was still gray and sluggish.

Mobius went through the ship and found some water spraying from damage below the waterline. He closed those bulkheads but the team weren't sure if the ship would make it back to port so decided to put the crew on the Chariot and take them home. On the way Mobius thought he saw a green haze in the water north of them, near the horizon.

On the way they were intercepted by two Brande Security helicopters, the security force hired by Medtech. One continued on to the ship to secure it and bring to harbor while the other escorted the Chariot to Medtech.  On the way Mechastar received a phone call from his assistant telling him what was related to her from the security teams.  Then asked him to be there to greet the survivors and thank the Oz-Guardians.

Mechastar told the team he was going to fly off to research that green haze, then quickly flew back to the city to switch to his civilian identity.

When the Chariot landed a large team of Medtech people were there to help get the wounded off loaded and over to the medical facilities.  After all the hand shaking and formalities were over the team retired to the tower, except Mechastar who went home to get some sleep.

Qing went to exercise to burn off some energy; the team's trainer saw Mobius had just finished his high speed version of a work out and got him to do one but at normal speed along with Qing.

Then Mobius went to his gym, as Darren, and met up with Josh Jones. Josh was excited and said he thought he figured out what his actual enhancement was; that he can bother other people's powers. He showed off by borrowing Ally, Lady Chain, powers. She didn't seem to notice but did scratch her arm.  Darren then challenged him to borrow his strength, which was a product of the college experiments years earlier, and he was able to. Josh said he was excited because someone would definitely pay for him to do something with these gifts. Darren asked him to take that slow and made plans with him to meet outside town on Saturday.

The team then gathered at the base where Mechastar had completed the Zombie Grenades, which in theory should destroy or heavily damage the energy that is animating them.  They also discussed how to handle the estate sale since they can't seem to find the key to the attic, and it could be almost anything.

That's when Mechastar revealed himself and said that he could just buy it all, he just needed a way to get in to the early dealer exclusive times on Friday. Mobius and Qing revealed their secret identifies to Mechastar to return the trust they showed them.

That's when Mobius said that he could reach out to Erika at the Prospero's Book Store to get him in.

Now with a start of a plan they decided to break until Onyx and Stone could show up later that afternoon.  Darren called Erika and confirmed that whoever this mystery bidder was should pick her up around 4 from her shop.

Max came up to talk with Qing while she was cleaning up the Italian food she'd brought in for everyone. He explained that he hadn't been trying to avoid them all like he had. He just felt this horrible guilt over stranding them, and the doubles. Wasn't sure how to move forward with that.  She recommended he just talk to the team about it, and he agreed.

He then asked about her relationship with DragonEye, how it was doing since she came back. When she said it was kind of over he asked if they should start talking about the surveillance ideas they had talked about previously Qing answered yes. But, then Max asked if she was seeing anyone in her real life and quickly saw through her attempted deflection. Not wanting to cause problems Max said he couldn't move forward with that then.



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