The Oz-Guardians

Session 8 - Fake News

Following up on information from Valor concerning the local media a villainous conspiracy starts to unfold.


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone
  • Rick – The Elephant – Absent – Was busy elsewhere following up on something else.

NPCs of Note:

The team allowed Max and Michelle to come and look at the recovered metallic fragment.  Michelle was very impressed by the metal, saying it appeared to be some kind of nano-constructed material. Likely not from earth.

While she was looking it over the team was debating rather they wanted to appear on Esteban… Garcia!  A local "Gotcha" style television show that had invited both the team and Mobius in his civilian identify to talk about Enhanced people.  The team was torn, and asked Mars his thoughts. He advised the team to avoid it, as they had already been in the media a lot lately and should be focusing on solving the Silver Storm issues and Stormer crime.

After that was decided the team asked him about why the press didn't cover a lot of the heroes and villains in town prior to the storm.  Mars, acting a little cagey, gave them his business card and wrote "Packard" on the back before suggesting they talk to Caleb Gardner of Channel 12. It didn't take much time for Onyx to find a social media posting where someone had spotted Gardner at a Starbucks.  Mobius raced there, somewhat surprising the people inside when he walked in.  Gardner seemed excited to see him and the two started to have a quiet conversation at Gardner's booth.  Meanwhile, the team were flying over in the Van, minus Elephant who was busy with something else.

Mobius showed Gardner the card and asked him to go outside.


- Kellie's Perspective - 

Max Mars and Michelle Okham visit the tower and study the metal retrieved from The Silver Tree. The Oz Guardians allow Mars to take a sample to his own labs.

Esteban Garcia contacted the Team and Mobius in his civilian identity as Darren Marshall with invitations to be guests on his talk show on the topic of Enhancement. After a long debate, the group seems to be leaning to not doing the show based on Gatcha! Journalism.  

It was Mobius asking Mars his opinion that seemed to sway the group as a whole. He pointed out the team had much camera time already and there was still more to do. Qing Long agreed and told the team she would send out a message to Garcia and the press that would say in short the story should not be them and they refuse any such thing until the press address all of the heroes that have been in the city in the past that are no longer here and the lack of press coverage on the others that are.  Something in the last part of her statement struck a nerve with Mars who had one of the looks he often gets after certain topics arise. After he left Qing Long sent the item below to all local new stations, newspapers, blogs that The Elephant has mentioned, The Oz Guardians forms of social media and many other outlets. At this time Mars suggested the team go to Caleb Gardner for information. 

"The Oz Guardians thank the Press for the interest they have shown in us but at this time we feel it is inappropriate to accept exclusive interviews and talk show requests such as have been presented to us. We are not the story of that day. We have never been. Many people risked their lives that day to save and aid others, people, without natural abilities or enhancements given by The Silver Storm. This is their story. There were emergency service and medical personnel of the city who were overwhelmed and never gave up in the wake of terror. This is their story. All of those people and more are the true heroes who came forth that day and Emerald City owes them all and many others gratitude. There are people with missing or injured family. Business and the city are still rebuilding. People are suffering physically, mentally and emotionally from the effects of the Silver Storm. This is their story. The story was never about any one person or group of people but the city and all of the people in it. Those are the people who continue to inspire us every day and we thank them. There are other heroes who we would like to address. Those who have been here in the city before us and gone, those who have not been reported on by the press. Those who still are here and were before the storm whom you do not report on. You know their names. Until the real heroes of that day and the Heroes that you have refused to cover who have called Emerald City home we will not feel it is appropriate for us to make time for such interviews or TV shows. Thank you again. – Written by Qing Long on behalf of the Oz Guardians."

Qing Long told Mars they all knew he was on The List. He asked what list. She told him the Exonerated list. (The list of former vigilantes and villains who fought in the Terminus Invasion for the defense of Earth and were pardoned of all former crimes.) He stated we should not have that information. Before things could go in a direction unintended, as the others explained why we have it and how Onyx acquired it, Qing Long asked him pointedly if that was a reason he was sponsoring the Oz Guardians. He stated that was one reason why and that he was not ready to talk about to them yet. Again his face had tells and this time there were very outward reactions.  

After the team talked to Mars about more about Sampson and the tale of The Silver Tree. This lightened the mood. Qing Long looked pointedly at Mars when she explained the Delta Wae connection. To her, he seemed panicked internally and made again on of those faces. He abruptly left at that point to go research. 

The Elephant, who had been tasked with learning all he could of the other heroes, past and present in Emerald City could not be torn away from his tabloids and conspiracy websites, that contain scary amounts of correct information. Mars had gotten the Sleep Studies ready for the team. The results were intriguing. Both Mobius and Stone had extremely high levels of Delta Waves. Onyx , the unique gem that she is, instead exhibited high levels of Theta Waves. Qing Long, as expected as the control subject, was in normal ranges for both Delta and Theta waves.  The Elephant went back to his prior tasks. 

The Oz Guardians immediately went to talk to Caleb Gardner. Onyx used her stalker powers to pin down where Gardner was. Mobius sped to the Starbucks, startling Gardner. Gardner was excited to meet Mobius, practically jumping out his chair. Mobius cleverly made small talk with Gardner until the lulling sound of the Starbucks returned to his normal bustling self. That is when he whispered to Gardner the reason he was there. Gardner agreed to go outside where Mobius took him to the alley behind the establishment. He walked through an illusion that Onyx had used to cover part of the hover van. Gardner walked into the van to be greeted by Onyx, Qing Long, and Stone. 

The Oz Guardians questioned Gardner about the Hero's who should have been and were not reported in the press. The mood changed, it could be felt in the air. He was obviously nervous when he told the heroes about a fellow reporter, Patrick, was murdered after not backing off of reporting on the Heroes of Emerald City and their sudden disappearances. He and others are pushed to stay quiet on certain matters and to be noisy on ones that The Chamber want visible. He had been pressured for over twenty years along with the rest of the press. The Chamber, The Malakov Family, and FOE whom he believes are the Fraternal Order of Evil were all mentioned. Gardner showing is wit in person as he does on screen added Qing Long to his cell phone under the name Gale. In addition to giving the team all the information, he felt comfortable giving and answering many questions from Stone he also gave them a business card with PACKARD written on the back of the card. He said to go to Eddie Pollard at The Emerald City Courier for more information. Knowing he had been detained for a length of time that could endanger Gardner, and that he had to be on air soon, Stone surveyed the area and once he knew it was safe Gardner left. 

Onyx this time laid the path to the press. She disguised herself in hideous clothing and went into The Courier and found Eddie. Eddie saw through her guise, much to her surprise. She simply told him what she was there for and he gave her his address and asked for the Oz Guardians to meet him there that night, so long as they were not seen. He only asked for dinner to be brought to him. Qing Long grabbed some Chinese food and made her entrance with Onyx.

As soon as the heroes had converged on his decrepit Section 8 apartment he showed them his paranoia board with pictures of heroes, villains, magical creatures, notes, thumbtacks, yarn and Max Mars. He spoke of his friend Patrick who went "fishing" when he did not obey orders to be silent in the press. He shared that the villain Cannon abducted him, took Eddie to a junkyard and disintegrated a junk pile in one shot. Cannon explained that would be him if he did not stop. Eddie stopped his public attempts but never stopped pursuing the Truth. He shared much of the same information that Gardner had but the info he had on the Cryptid was new. The Heroes tried to politely tell Eddie that they were of little consequence and turned the conversation back to non-mythical beings. When talking about the gangs and elements within the city Eddie let the Oz Guardians know that Madame Joy's, a high-class gentleman's club, is neutral ground and would be a good place to start investigating.

When they were wrapping up Qing Long asked about Mars picture, there alone on the board. All he knew was that Manetti may be going through, straight through Mars shell businesses to launder money. Thereby connecting him to a criminal element. Her last question was about Dragon Eye. Dragon Eye showed up one week after Uncle Z Chaw, the head of the Golden Dragon gang died. That was two months ago, so before the storm. He also confirmed that Robin Hood-like tales and worship by his people are true, all said with no offense intended to Qing Long. This intrigues Qing Long about both Mars and her fears about him and makes her wonder if Dragon Eye may be her Yang. 

Qing Long decides the next day she needs to take action regarding the large criminal element in Emerald City and goes to see Max Mars with a proposition that she knows is dangerous but that she hopes he can not refuse. She asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend, the unmasked her, in order to access places like the Madame Joy's, events and parties that she would not have such easy access to without a man such as himself in order to bring the down the heads of the local gangs and more importantly, The Chamber. He agreed to think about it but asked to see her unmasked. She refused and assured him she was young and beautiful. She ended the conversation asserting she knew she would hear from him soon. Qing Long decides to tell the Oz Guardians of her plans if Mars says yes. 

When the team once again is assembled at the tower all Aegis alarms go off and the session ends. 













Session 7 - The Outback

A lead from the university sends the Oz Guardians into the woods. There they meet the Cryptids and a clue as to the origins of the Silver Storm.


Players: All

The Atlas Mountains, Elysium Forest by Mt Henry, outside of Emerald City. 

Terminus Invasion, Mars is in on it. Immunity from the President. Information discovered through the skills of Onyx. 

Dragon Eye – Energy Manipulation. Gifted by Dragons, Eastern District, vs. Mystic Gang called Golden Dragon Society, a Triad Gang. 

Nanites only work on things with high Delta waves. 

When trying to park the Van in the parking lot of the forest the team realizes they need a cloaking device for the van and need to communicate better at times if they are going places in hero or non-hero form.

Piper (Faun), Lilac (Fairy) were Forsakens now of the Wood Clan.  

Piper and Lilac were interested in Stone and were enchanting Qing Long.

Sampson (UniDeer)

Root (Wood Dwarf) of the Tree or Wood Clan

The Silver Tree, Waterfall through the roots going into a cave. Cave has a wood table, cauldron, and stuff. The tree has a silver sheen to leaves. Wyndall (14 foot tall Brown Russian bear with an Aussie Human within) was a loin cloth, has a cockney accent and tasks or trials for the supers to accomplish in order to get information. 

The heroes succeed. Wyndall is happy. He always wanted to test people. 

Oz Guardians first hear of a Black Market Underground that may be a source of the nanites getting out. 

Pathways of heat from the metal in the root/crack. Glimmers of something metallic, similar but not exact nanites. The metal was sheared from something larger. 

Things fall from the sky in this area more than other places. 

The tree is not a tree but looks like one. 

Wyndall Quinn, Guardian of the Tree. Friendly wants visits and booze as well as a large computer or large keyboard. 

Clans: Air, Sea, Wood

Cryptid stormer equivalent

Chillaxian, Big Foots, a Couple, Aliens, there since 1960's. Are Always Blurry.





Session 6 - Sky High

An apparent attack by aliens on a high school becomes a chase through the city, and ultimately meeting another hero in the city.

Players: Kellie, Liz, Rich


Danek from the planet of Danish, known for the Knights of Lar. 

Valor, from here, says he is a big fan, sounds and acts like a kid from the High School being attacked from the sky. 

Rip Jack, Rocky Mountain area Quake City, The Cortex is Henry

Dr. Lance Carter from ECU calls RE: Blood sample, college professors, gives off harmless radiation in short bursts like a mutated deer they found had a unicorn horn. Was in Arcadia forest near the volcano were other animals mutated were also reported. Deeracorn found about five years ago. 

Mark Baxter from Dr. Carter

The team decides they need to camp to investigate. 


Session 5 - Pop Culture

Movie night for some of the team leads to a confrontation with a high strung barista. 

  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – QinLong
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone – Absent – Doing Family Stuff 
  • Rick – The Elephant – Absent – Went along with Stone's family

NPCs of Note:

"MORGAN" the Semi-AI of Emerald Tower informed the team they needed to take a day off, all seemed to be suffering from varying degrees of fatigue. 

The team decided to take Onyx to a film festival to introduce her to some of the great classics of this time era. There were some street-based activities before the show, including a band, some balloon artists, and a street magician.  As well as several people dressed as characters from the movies.  Which included Big Lebowski, Goonies and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

The PCs realized that the band had amazing special effects and met the stone responsible, Angus "the Awesome." He seemed harmless, admitted he just got his powers during the storm and seemed more concerned with where his next meal and brain altering experience was coming from.   They, however, took note of him and the next Stormer so they could start tracing them on USNet.

Next, they met Dante, a street magician with a Creole persona. They could tell that he was able to transmute materials, going as far as to offer one of the PCs a gold flower. It changed back after a few moments to a real flower though.  Watching closely with their enhanced senses they could tell he was using his powers to con rich and arrogant from their money but wasn't cruel to everyone.

Onyx, curious about these gifted people looked them up on her mini future computer. The database showed that Dante Marcel was a criminal in the timeline that was her past. There was no information as to why he was arrested. The team decided to keep an eye on him and Onyx would be in charge of that and tracking others. 

The Guardians then enjoyed the films. On their way out though they heard a woman yell about being touched and ogled by some man near her. He looked completely confused as she just grew angrier and angrier. Mobius recognized her as Ally from the local coffee shop.

As they watched her tattoos of chains that went up her arms turned into physical and psychic chains that she then used to become a whirling dervish of imagined slights and insults. It took a while for the team to take her down. As soon as they did though they realized that she was regenerating quickly. Qing Long surmised that Ally needed medication but that is was burning through her system to rapidly. 

AEGIS arrived and sedated her.

Dr. Sharon Rogers – Our Doc with the samples – Similar to virus or bacteria but is not infectious. Transmission method is unknown, Nano's are not degrading. Cells, Blood Cells with them do not degrade. 

Raven calls. Her Doc – Nano is not from Earth. Does not match alien tech known to The League, It is dormant. If it is somehow not alien it is future tech or future and alien but that it is clear the storm was planned. 

After Action – Ally was given parole and an ankle bracelet that keeps medicating her for her anger control and paranoia problems at a constant rate.  The press dubbed her "Lady Chain."

Session 4 - More Questions

The team follows some leads ultimately meeting Max Mars and The Raven.

Session 3 - Coming Out

The team announce themselves to the news of Emerald City. Start trying to figure out what happened.




  • Elizabeth – Onyx – Absent. Spent Session in corner doing systems check
  • Kellie – QinLong
  • Matt – Moebius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone
  • Rick – The Elephant


Primarily a people driven episode. They investigated and discovered that RedShift is owned by Mars Tech. Met QinLong's parents who helped make them their first "Super Costumes." Did a small press conference at Jake's Garage and his House.

Sharon Rogers took blood and saliva samples from the PCs, minus Onyx who was too busy to test. Tatsu mentioned looking for anything related to the silver dust!

Met Vicky Stone, Jake's wife, Bonnie (MIL) and the kids. Onyx was left in the guest room of the house at that point.   Bonnie took the kids out of town to her sister's place for a few days.

Group was going to investigate Mars further next session.

Session 2 - Jacked Up

The heroes regroup and fight an opportunistic villain and his minions.



  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – QinLong
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone
  • Rick – The Elephant


  • RipJack and the Harriers – Defeated / Custody

The Elephant was at the police station being bribed with food to answer some questions, police mostly wrote him off as loony. Rest of team was in a park talking over options.  They offered to drive him back to his underpass when they got caught up in a the pursuit of Ripjack, this brought the whole team back together.

They defeated RipJack and we wrapped with them at Mobius's gym.

The Elephants addiction to McDowells Milk Shakes becomes known to the newly emerging Super Hero Team. 

Session 1 - The Storm

Every hero needs an origin, and this is ours.


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone
  • Rick – The Elephant

An explosion outside of City Hall. Three of the future team were there. Jake becomes Stone. Darren becomes fast, is Mobius. 

Silver Storm explosion, most people reacted in fear while some used their new found powers to sow chaos.

Catlike Mongoose more than cat, female, claws.

Lord Atheric, Evil Magic Man, Top Hat, Dark Aura, Dark Soul.

Octopus Man

PCs defeated most of the rogue "Stormers". Press calling the heroes several things, including "These Oz Guardians" which stuck.

Redshift Energies, Local Company. All tanks exploded outward, made the sky silver, white film of gray material that is manufactured and mechanical in nature, Not the only part of the city made "hero".

NPCs Villains


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