The Oz-Guardians

Session 29 - University Blues

October 5th, 2017

Reports of armed men entering the Parker Science Building at ECU prompts the Oz Guardians into action. Who they find waiting for them is literally a blast from the past!


  • Elizabeth – Onyx – Testing the new dimensional hopping abilities she has opened up in her nano-tech.
  • Eric – Mechastar - Stuck in a boardroom meeting that he could not escape. 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone

NPCs of Note:

It was just before 1 PM when Melissa in Dispatch called out to available Guardians, "We have at least two dozen armed men entering the Parker Science Building at ECU. One of them reported to be in some kind of Power Armor."

It was lunch time on a college campus, the risk of civilian hostages or casualties was real. What kind of target, or person, would demand this blatant an assault?

The team arrived at the building, covering the three main entrances to the building's ground floor. As they looked in they saw students, a little more than a dozen, standing still. Qing spotting among them a person in fatigues, in her full dragon form she pushed open the doors and let loose a column of fire. The magical flames avoiding all the students and striking the man who had reached for a side-arm.

As soon as he crumpled the girl beside him started to yell for him as he was screaming in pain on the ground. It turned out he was a member of ROTC still wearing his uniform during lunch. The holster empty.  

Even after the flame burst the students didn't budge. The heroes yelled in asking them what was going on, the students replied that men showed up with rifles and told them to stand still before taking the faculty upstairs and then rolling what looked like grenades everywhere. With that the Guardians saw the little canisters with what appeared to be blinking motion detectors.

Mobius risked running at high speed and grabbing one, throwing it outside. It didn't explode but instead started hissing smoke and making a high pitch sound. That's when men burst through the doors behind Mobius and opened fire. Only a few bullets struck him and shortly after Mobius would make short work of them.

Qing flew upstairs on the outside of the building to look for the faculty and staff. She found them corralled into a single room watched over by two soldier-types.  When they started to gas the staff she flew through the window, transforming into her Half Dragon form she punched them into unconsciousness.  With the window now shattered the sleeping gas started to disperse and Qing started ferrying people to safety of the Police parameter.

Stone used his ability to swim through the ground to grab the grenades he saw and leave them in the earth. Setting them off in the process, but safely inside the ground under the building.

Then men opened the office door directly across from Mobius, two of them with grenade launchers. The hallway around Mobius erupted, and in his quick maneuvers to avoid shrapnel and debris he lost his ear piece. 

He and Stone dealt with the four-man squad as Qing was notified of sniper teams on the roof using heavy artillery. They had started to fire on approaching law enforcement vehicles and making them inoperable, or proving that they wouldn't provide cover against the heavy .50 caliber sniper rifles. Flying over the lip of the roof she was able to fly quickly from group to group as she beat them all with her martial arts. In seconds that threat was over.

On the first floor Mobius started ushering people out of the building, trying to get them to safety, while doing so some of the students motioned towards one room, "They went in there."

Stone burst through the wall and towards the last of the soldiers. In clinical room was what appeared to be a technician on the floor taking boards out of a massive MRI looking machine, watching over him was RipJack in some kind of new armor. A newer version of the Guard drone hovering nearby.

Stone threatened him, then was shocked as his hammer was pulled away. RipJack responded with "Thanks for bringing it back."  A grim reminder that it was originally RipJack's. That's when Stone noticed the six men in the control room for this machine with a hostage: Lance Carter.  The very same doctor at ECU who had originally studied the Stormer DNA months earlier.

The fight was on.

Sometime later Qing and Stone heard Melissa say there were now reports of a break in at the Richards Computer Sciences Building across campus. Stone volunteered to take care of that, possibly shaken with how poorly the fight was going with RipJack and his men.

Mobius volunteered to stay behind and take care of it with Qing.  Qing beating the hostage takers and freeing Lance flew him out quickly. Mobius however was having trouble. Between the Guard and RipJack's armor being electrified the two were becoming equally injured.

Stone found TenFold, last seen when the oil rig sank from when Tellax rose from the deep. His eyes silver, indicating he was still being controlled by some outside force. TenFold was trapped behind rubble, and trying to get free.  Stone came up from behind and was able to grab him in a full nelson. 

As TenFold was offering to help Stone be part of the conformity. To escape his troubles and help bring the world into a proper control. Then the water started to drip in through the rubble. The other options were let TenFold go or drown.  Stone beat TenFold till TenFold was knocked out.

Water still rushing in, threatening Stone he grabbed TenFold and retreated. Taking them both to the surface.

Stone yelled for help in the comms drawing Qing to aid him. Mobius, now hurting continued to pair off against RipJack. Both suffering as the second drone came in to fight along with RipJack's first.

Qing was able to heal TenFold as silver liquid streamed from his eyes. He was confused, unsure what was happening, his last memories being from June 10th, months earlier.

Back at the Science building Mobius had forced RipJack to attempt to escape by blasting through a wall, and flying off. Mobius jumped on his back. Suffering the electric shocks of the armor the two flew upwards, the two guards going with them. Nearly a half minute later the two were well over a few thousand feet in the air before Mobius was able to knock out RipJack and disable the jets by reaching into the armor and starting to tear out parts.

The guards, after prompting from Mobius, flew under RipJack's form and cushioned his fall. Slowing them both. Mobius held on as he realized they were taking them away from the ECU.  As they got closer to downtown Mobius heard RipJack start to rouse just before the electrified shell powered up again knocking Mobius out.

Mobius is now a captive of RipJack.

Back at campus the technician was stopped as he was wrapping up transmitting the data from the machine.

When speaking to Carter it was revealed that the machine was an advanced medical scanner that had been used on dozens of Stormers, and non-Stormers alike. They were trying to unravel what exactly the Silver Storm did, and how it altered the people affected. The mainframe that was hit was a DARPA machine used to take that data to work out possible universal neutralizer beam weapon, or more, to deal with Stormers. 

The Guardians have realized that these medical related attacks are being orchestrated with the goal of creating or easily neutralizing Stormers. And that the female Commander may be somehow involved.




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