Kurt Lister - College Dropout


Kurt, an unmotivated and rather narcissistic college dropout with potent aquakinetic abilities. The Silver Storm hasn’t done anything for his personality or sense of motivation and even when he’s free of being controlled by outside forces.

Washout is a wiry-looking kid with longish dirty blonde hair. He favors thrift store chic clothing in blues, grays, and whites. When not a mind-controlled drone he’s a smug little jerk who’s only interested in what he can get for as little effort as possible.

Stormer: No
Incarcerated: No

UsNet: No
Tweeter: No
LinkIn: No
Gamer Tags: No



Session 15 – Sinking Feeling – Under the control of an unknown power Washout was part of the force that attacked Point Phorcys. He and Tenfold were lost in the confusion caused by the facility collapsing and Tellax rising from the deep.


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