Karen Emerson



An Outcast turned Villain

REAL NAME: Karen Emerson

OCCUPATION: Villainess, former grad student

Stormer: Yes

Incarcerated: No

Known Powers:
Energy form, able to fly and fire bursts of energy from her multiple forms. She is solid energy, in the form of three identical women connected at the shoulders.

Possible Weakness: Her Ego


Session 9 – Fought as part of FOE audition. Escaped
Session 11 – FOEs Gambit – Part of the forces aligned against the Oz Guardians in The Chamber. Captured.

Karen Emerson was a recently expelled graduate student when she was struck by The Silver Storm.

She never lost consciousness as her body transformed. In the hospital her triplicate body formed. Escaping from the hospital she realized how much power she had. Still angry over the expulsion she went and burned her professor’s house to the ground, with him inside. He deserved it, even if she had sabotaged other students’ projects.

She gained the attention of FOE and was offered a chance to audition.

She was bored during her “audition” for FOE, is self cenetered, hughty and other choice words.


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