A Quiet and Deadly Assasin


Name: Unknown

Stormer: No

Incarcerated: No

Known Powers:
Invisible to machines, can steal people’s sight, has a powerful sword able to cut through almost any material, and teleportation.

Possible Weakness: Unknown


Session 10 – One of three strike team leaders for FOE during the Jail Break. Escaped after sowing chaos in the general population floors.

The jail break was his first appearance in the United States, previously operating as an agent of the Phoenix Moon Triad, a nemesis of the Golden Dragon Society which is based in Emerald City. Prior to this he had operated as one of the Phoenix Moon Triad’s leaders for over twenty years.

He wields the Sword of Midnight, rumored to be a powerful artifact created when a rogue samurai murdered his master under a new moon.


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