Maxamillian Mars


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The heroes have discovered That Maximilian Mars’ name was on a list of Heroes and Villains provided a presidential pardon in the wake of the Terminus Invasion in 1993. This was not unusual as that event helped rescind the “Moore Act” which had technically made costumed heroes illegal.


Maximilian Mars was born the son of a lawyer and a high school physics teacher, both Emerald City natives. A bright
and studious boy, Mars graduated at the top of his class, and earned a doctorate in chemical engineering from CalTech in
his early twenties. Pursuing childhood dreams that cast his vision toward the stars, Mars worked at a NASA facility for
several years before he was recruited into the private sector, eventually returning home to a corporate research laboratory in Emerald City—just as the lab’s poor management lost the confidence of investors.

Mars seized upon the company’s failure as his opportunity, spending money inherited from his recently deceased parents to purchase the company’s assets and use them as the foundation for his own new company: MarsTech. Mars’ innovative ideas, stifled under government and corporate overseers, now had a chance to flourish. Six months later, MarsTech released its first product: photoreactive dyes that allowed the creation of MarsTech Programmable Paint, first adopted for military camouflage but quickly embraced by the world of fashion and consumer products. It was only the first of a dozen breakthroughs, from adaptive polymers to piezoelectric ceramics—most directly from the private laboratories of Maximilian Mars—that have made Mars not only the richest man in Emerald City but one of the richest men in the world.

Still wary of management and investors, Mars has remained in firm control of his company, even as it grew to become one of the largest employers in the city. As MarsTech prospered, so did Emerald City! As the fortunes of MarsTech rose, crime rates in its home fell until Emerald City had one of the lowest crime rates in the country. From the Emerald City Orchestra and the Pacific Museum of Art to Warm Kettle shelters for the homeless and Block Party community centers, MarsTech and Maximilian Mars have supported every aspect of Emerald City and helped it to be named one of the best places to live in the United States! While superhumans appeared in places like Freedom City, Maximilian Mars famously declared at the opening of the 2000 Emerald City Expo that “in Emerald City, we can be our own heroes!” But now the Silver Storm has forced superhuman powers and the chaos that comes with them upon the people of Emerald City—and once again Maximilian Mars has stepped forward to help the city use its newfound power responsibly!

The top floors of his “Emerald Tower”—once intended for Maximilian Mars’ personal offices—have been graciously donated to a new team of heroes who have dedicated themselves to protecting Emerald City. Now they join MarsTech high atop Emerald Tower, keeping a watchful eye on the city they love, and guiding it into the future!

Maxamillian Mars

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