Angus the “Awesome” Wilcoxen



Name: Angus the “Awesome” Wilcoxen

Stormer: Yes

Incarcerated: No

Known Powers: Ability to put on illusionary light shows. Angus can bend light into deadly laser beams, or to replicate images from his frequently chemically altered brain.

UsNet: Followed
Tweeter: Followed
LinkIn: No Avaliable
Gamer Tags: Yes

Possibly the illusion using combatant from the initial Silver Storm event.

Session 1 – The Storm ?
Session 5 – Pop Culture – Was the light-show for an ’80s cover band.


With the Foghat 2011 World Tour concluding in Emerald City, Angus Wilcoxon was once again between jobs. Hoping to trade some heavy labor for much-needed cash, he was searching downtown for some “Help Wanted” signs at the time of the Silver Storm. When himself, Angus is an unlearned but mildly colorful soul. At worst he’s unambitious, and prone to saying “Hey man!” and “Dude!” a lot.


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