James Singer

Mystic Conman


Name: James Singer
Alias: Jim Singer
Stormer: No
Location:Mobile, Where Drawn

UsNet: Yes
Tweeter: Yes
LinkIn: No
Gamer Tags: No
Phone: Yes

Physical Description/Appearance:
Unkempt, red haired, skinny, lanky, post-punk, disheveled. These are all words that would describe Singer, and they would all be right. He typically wears a button up shirt with a colorful tie, though normally unbuttoned with the tie very loose. Over this is his trusty brown trench coat.

Known Powers:
Knowledge of the arcane arts and some familiarity with fire magic. A knack at pissing off people.


Former lead singer of “Seventh Son”

Known Relatives:
Six brothers and sisters, not really on speaking terms.

Known Associations:
He seems to know at least one person in every city he visits, they aren’t always good relationships.


Session 22 – History Lesson – When the Oz-Guardians fought their way into the Victory Squadron room Singer was there protecting within his fire shields Dr. Spectre’s clothing. After the battle he thanked the Oz-Guardians for showing up when they did, otherwise he would have had to let Abracadaver kill all the hostages. He then destroyed the suit and said he needed to make sure the Moore’s attic key was safe and destroy any other relics of Dr. Spectre’s. He “agreed to the Oz-Guardians” helping him.

James Singer

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