Donna Piore - Goth Blogger



Name: Donna Piore

Stormer: Yes

Incarcerated: No

Known Powers:
She is able to mimic the powers of a ghost, becoming intangible and inflicting fear and visions to those around her. Oddly enough things that she perceives as affecting ghosts affect her.

A waifish young “alternative culture” blogger, Donna has gained the ability to turn intangible and a variety of powers often attributed to spirits and ghosts. Despite this, she is very much alive and her powers are non-magical in origin. She is normally a mix of biting sarcasm and morbid humor.

Ghostlight tends to wear dark clothing and makeup, favoring vintage clothing that contrasts with her several tattoos and piercings.. Her hair is usually dyed black with colored streaks. When she is using her powers she is surrounded by a ghostly aura and the air around her drops a few degrees in temperature.


Donna runs her own blog, USNet and other social media accounts under ECGhostGirl.

She’s always been fascinated with the macabre and has been researching ghost stories and strange events throughout the city even before she went to attend ECU.


Session 14 – Ghost Stories – Silver Eyed Ghost Woman was followed by Valor into Red-Shift Technologies. She searched for something there. When confronted she filled Valor’s head full of horrid visions of him causing the Da’Nek to destroy Emerald City. She was eventually forced to flee by the guardians when they arrived, primarily by Qing Long and her ghost bag.

Session 15 – Sinking Filling – Still silver eyed and under control she was part of the forces assaulting Port Phorcys. Qing Long was afflicted by her visions, who retaliated by punching her salt encrusted hands into her so hard it knocked her unconscious and into a physical form. She was taken back to Emerald Tower after the battle.


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