Epiphany Jones

Angry and Spurned Reality Controller


Name: Nora Patterson

Stormer: Yes

Incarcerated: Yes

Known Powers:
Could cause destructive events and alter people’s luck by narrating it.

Possible Weakness: Captain Oblivion and the inability to narrate.


Session 9 – Fought as part of FOE audition. Captured
Session 10 – Escaped as part of FOE Jail Break.
Session 11 – FOEs Gambit – Part of the forces aligned against the Oz Guardians in The Chamber. Captured.
Session 12 – Prince & Long attempted to get her transferred to a Psychiatric Facility due to her obvious issues. They used the precedent established by Lady Chain. This is still under review.

Seems to have a relationship with Captain Oblivion

Epiphany Jones

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