Elizabeth Nguyen

AEGIS Field Analyst


Session 1 – The Storm – Arrived after the battle.
Session 2 – Jacked Up – Part of the on site investigation
Session 4 – More Questions – One of the two agents that interviewed the Oz Guardians.


Analyst Nguyen’s parents were among the last refugees to escape the fall of Vietnam immediately prior to the American withdrawal. They adapted completely to their new role as American citizens, but suffered severe prejudice from their new neighbors. Growing up, Elizabeth felt pressure to perform twice as well as her peers just to be considered equal. This left her with strong feelings about equality and a pathological work ethic. She has no life outside of the office, certain that this report or that paperwork could be just a little better if she spent one more evening or weekend working on it. Behind her back, the other AEGIS agents joke that she puts workaholics to shame; there is also an office pool going as to whether she has a nervous breakdown before or after she drives one of the other analysts
homicidal trying to keep up with her.

Nguyen (“Please just call me ‘Beth’…I insist.”) is much too perky and cheerful by half, as if her life depended on her being liked by everyone. She’s also prone to speaking too quickly and over-
loading people with information.

Elizabeth Nguyen

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