Jason Quinn



Name: Jason Quinn
Stormer: No
Incarcerated: No

Known Powers:
Deceptus used powerful holographic technology, and psychedelic drugs, to create manipulative illusions.

Session 6 – Sky High – Mentioned by Valor
Session 10 – FOEs Gambit – Escaped during the chaos of the FOE assault.


Former FX guy for some studios down in California. His shtick was illusions and obviously deception. Had been stopped by the West Coast Wardens and fled to Emerald City. Valor stumbled upon some frauds he had going with retirees at a home he had visited a few times as a volunteer. Valor says this guy was hard to deal with, but seems most of his stuff was tech related. He’s in prison now. Had told Valor to look out for “FOE,” kind of like Quake.


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