Death Magnetic

Chelsea Lincoln



Name: Chelsea Lincoln

Stormer: Yes

Incarcerated: No


Description: Former and disgruntled customer of Jake’s Garage.

Known Powers: Chelsea amplifies, focuses, and controls magnetic energy with but a thought.



Session 1 – The Storm – Attacked primarily Stone, blaming his garage for shoddy work on her car.
Session 10 – Was freed by FOE during the Jail Break, but fled on her own saying she served no master other than herself.


Chelsea was taking a rare day out at Yellow Brick Row when the Silver Storm struck. In an instant, she was engulfed and transformed. She could feel the magnetic fields of the Earth, the flux created by masses of metal, the radio emissions from devices throughout the city… and her mind screamed under the sizzling energy of their signals. From deep within her, the feelings Chelsea had always buried, that she was barely even aware of, erupted to the surface. How she had denied herself for so very long, and for what? An apartment she could barely afford? Working harder than ever for middle management that couldn’t appreciate her skills and saw her as just a dumb blonde? She didn’t have to put up with that. She had power now. She could have it all. Meek and sweet Chelsea Lincoln was gone and sheer magnetic power took her place: Death Magnetic!

Death Magnetic

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