Mortimer Coffin - Undead Necromancer


Name: Mortimer Coffin
Alias: Abracadaver
Stormer: No
Location: Mobile

UsNet: No
Tweeter: No
LinkIn: No
Gamer Tags: No

Physical Description/Appearance:
Sunken eyes, tight dry skin stretched across cheek and jaw bones expose his undead nature. Dressed as a stage magician: top hat, white gloves, tux with tails. For a dead man, Abracadaver is quite animated. He is still something of a showman because of his days as a stage magician. He can’t help but act with a certain flair when
confronted with a potential audience, even if that audience is costumed and is trying to thwart his latest plot. He is particularly fond of deathtraps and dramatic monologues.

Known Powers:
Abracadaver is a powerful warlock controlling powers of darkness, forbidden magics and able to animate the dead. He has also exhibited the ability to either teleport or use portals.


Self Centered Criminal

Known Relatives:

Known Associations:

Session 21 – Hopping Dead – Abracadaver transmuted a dead bunny into a giant undead bunny, sending it and several of his minions away from a graveyard that he was assaulting as a distraction. It worked, giving him time to break through the defensive wards on the Moore Mausoleum and get what he was searching for. Leaving after taunting Qing Long, the only Oz-Guardian to arrive before he walked through a portal.

Session 22 – History Lesson – Abracadaver attacked the city’s Historic Museum. Again, setting up a distraction with zombies dressed as Native Americans attacking people outside the museum. Once the Oz-Guardians fought their way inside they found a stand off between Abracadaver and James Singer. The stand off resulted in Abracadaver leaving without what he wanted, but no clear victory for the Guardians.


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