The Oz-Guardians

Session 28 - Medical Malpractice

September 20th - Extra Power Point

A monster rampages across a little community shopping district. Already causing massive damage, the Guardians may have met their match!


  • Elizabeth – Onyx – Testing the new dimensional hopping abilities she has opened up in her nano-tech.
  • Eric – Mechastar 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone

NPCs of Note:

Roughly 2:35 PM on a quiet Wednesday afternoon a small community in West Vallee was shaken by the abrupt appearance of Chevron. The hulking monster was hit, accidentally, by a semi-truck. The creature lashed out by ripping the container of fuel free and throwing it nearly a mile away into a residential neighborhood.

In the few minutes it took for the news to start pouring out, police and AEGIS bands to flood with traffic and the Oz Guardian's Dispatch to call up all active Guardians and Sentinels, Chevron had already caused massive damage to several buildings. In particular a corner of a building had collapsed into the street. 

Mechastar took time to make sure people were safe from the fires spreading across the Avalon Springs sub-division while Mobius was the first on the scene. He saw Chevron tearing a car in half trying to get to a young boy. Mobius was able to save the boy. Chevron angrily flung the now vacant car into an apartment building.

As the Guardians and Sentinels showed up individually their attacks seemed to have little to no effect.  Mechastar and Mobius concentrated on getting civilians to safety, and beyond the cordons setup a few blocks away, while the other heroes on scene focused on trying to take down Chevron.

As the fight continued they realized they would have to focus their attacks at once to possibly defeat the monster. Chevron, confused as the heroes seemed to make a circle him, jumped with a rolled up car towards a nearby roof. Throwing the destroyed car at one of the nearby news station's helicopters. Qing Long interposed and took the hit, it glancing off her fully dragon form. The helicopter contained Esteban Garcia.

Seeing how far the monster had jumped, carrying a multi-ton vehicle that it tossed like nothing, everyone knew it was now or never; Chevron was looking to escape this fight.  Combining all their firepower the team caused the now vacant building to collapse as Chevron gave a violent howl.

The assembled heroes, including Kid Robot, started pulling the monster from the rubble. AEGIS started wrapping it in large nullifier bands and were bringing in a flatbed to transport the unconscious beast.

Dragoneye and Qing stayed on the street level healing and repairing what damage they could while the others followed the path of destruction to a "Beer Chute" style elevator.  Following it down they found what appeared to be an abandoned bomb shelter.  The doors showing no sign of use, and were ripped outwards by Chevron as it tore through this sub-basement.

Once inside the bomb shelter they found a much more modern medical and research facility. Destroyed in the center of a large tiled room was a vessel labeled "C.E.R.V. – One  (Containment, Exposure and Research Vault)." The womb of what was now Chevron.

Nearby was a tunnel that had obvious use and appeared to go deep into 'The Maze' hidden under the city.  In a nearby room was one of the missing Nano-Assemblers from Red Shift Technology.

The teams worked tirelessly into the night to recover any people that were trapped and help repair what damage they could. Dragonstar showing off his healing ability, but it only seemed to work on objects that preferred their original state. (So he said).

Garcia, on his new late-night, spot did a rousing dedication to the assembled forces that contained the threat to a few blocks. Then unlike many other teams have displayed they didn't fly off, but stayed behind with the common people to help clean up the mess.


- Meanwhile - 

* Break in during "The Big Boom Theory" at 9:33pm*

I'm Chad Conover and this is a special bulletin from the Channel 7 news room here in Emerald City.  We have received a report that the giant creature calling itself "Chevron" that terrorized the town this afternoon …

cut to chopper video of the fight

… and was taken into custody by AEGIS the Oz Guardians and Sentinels …

cut to AEGIS + Guardians pulling him out of the rubble

… has broken free and escaped while being transported to a holding center …

* cut to what looks like cell phone footage of a truck, smoke pouring from the cab, agents firing standard weapons and/or some sort of green particle weapon at Chevron, who is ripping chains off himself and throwing the remaining half of the nullifier through a nearby billboard.  Nothing the agents are doing seems to even draw Chevron's attention, but after rolling off the flatbed he stumbles over to the side of the road and "dives" into the ground, leaving a tunnel.

… Near the western side of the Red River Bridge.  Citizens near that area are encouraged to stay in their homes until AEGIS and the Emerald City Police signal all clear.   Oh, yes, ok, it seems we have contacted AEGIS and have one of their
agents on the phone…

* The anchor goes silent and the audio flips over to a phone call with another reporter *

Reporter: What do we need to tell citizens right now, agent Nguyen?

Nguyen: *sounds of commotion, people yelling, most likely she is near/at the incident site
Right now, it seems like Chevron wasn't as badly hurt as it seemed, or he heals rather quickly.  In any case, he was able to break free of control and tunneled away.  We tracked him for quite a distance, but lost the lock as he left Emerald City and he went too deep.  We believe that, for the time being, he's run off.  Agents are currently searching and are deploying seismic sensors to detect him if he returns, but for now it looks like the danger has passed.  We're in contact with the Guardians to assist in tracking him down.

Reporter: Thank you, is there anything citizens need to do right now?

Nguyen: No, takes a deep breath we're in cleanup mode right now, and calling in the DoT to get the road back in service before the morning commute.  Luckily nobody was hurt past a few bruises, but there's quite a mess here.   We ask that
you DO NOT approach the scene, there are still damaged vehicles that have not been extinguished and the area is still dangerous.  The area has been cordoned off and you will be subject to arrest if caught inside the area…

* back to anchor

… We'll do our best to get footage of the scene as soon as possible and will provide an update on the situation during the 11pm news.  For now, we will return you to your program, already in progress.

* News 7 logo spins up from the banner at the bottom, jingle plays *

*cut back to laugh track
"Jenny?" Knock, Knock, Knock, more laugh track



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