The Oz-Guardians

Session 15 - Sinking Feeling

June 15th, 2017

The Oz Guardians follow up on clues collected about the cannister of nanites, and go out to Point Phorcys, an oil rig, 20 miles off the coast, converted into a research facility.  Now under the ownership of Brande Management.  On approach, The Guardians realized there was a fight already underway.


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone
  • Rick – The Elephant

NPCs of Note:

A massive battle was underway between more silver-eyed and controlled, Stormers against Brande Management forces working with Ultramarine.  However, it looked like it was a loosing battle with the super structure and overall facility taking the brunt of the damage.

The Oz Guardians joined the fray. Their arrival eventually turning the tide of battle, but not before the structure had received even more damage. The Helipad Tower and main deck irrevocably destroyed.  As the battle seemed to be all but over, only two of the Stormers still standing, Washout and Tenfold, the entire facility suddenly started to shake violently.

Qing Long and Ultramarine focused on getting Brande Management teams onto the Chariot.  Less than a minute later the entire rig suddenly shifted to one side and sounds of something below displacing massive amounts of water was heard.

As the Chariot began to pull away from the wreckage a giant sphere rose from the ocean, easily 250 feet across, the alien craft marred by battle of eons past still cast an imposing visage.  A wave of sensation of dread and electrification went over Elephant, Mobius, and Stone before everyone heard this presence's announcement.

“Too long I waited to gather the forces I require. No longer distract me with your misguided attempts to control or hinder the army I have built! Continue, and the consequences will be dire for both you and this planet. Cease these distractions and you may all yet survive.

I now depart to confirm status, and will return.

So speaks Tellax, the Redeemer!”

It then hovered a moment as it appeared, and felt, to gather energy before disappearing as a bolt of energy into the sky.

Shaken, the Oz Guardians in their heavily loaded Chariot began the trip back to Emerald Tower.


  • Tom



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