The Oz-Guardians

Session 9 - The Auditions

May 17th, 2017

F.O.E. sensing opportunities holds an audition for a batch of Stormers.



  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – QinLong
  • Matt – Mobius - Absent, was called to help evacuate people from a burning building
  • Richard – Mr. Stone
  • Rick – The Elephant


As the team had just assembled at the base all Ageis alarms went off.  The screens near them light up with an address. The team received an address to go to and were informed that an Aegis transport has been ambushed. 

Stone and Qing Long traveled to the location through their personal travel abilities while Onyx and The Elephant took what is affectionately referred to as the Scooby Van. Stone and Qing Long arrive to see two Agents hiding behind a vehicle and several agents …


  • Tom




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