The Oz-Guardians

Session 7 - The Outback

May 11th, 2017

A lead from the university sends the team to the woods. There they meet the Cryptids and get a clue to the origin of the Silver Storm.


Players: All


The Atlas Mountains, Elysium Forest by Mt Henry, outside of Emerald City. 

Terminus Invasion, Mars is in on it. Immunity from the President. Information discovered through the skills of Onyx. 

Dragon Eye – Energy Manipulation. Gifted by Dragons, Eastern District, vs. Mystic Gang called Golden Dragon Society, a Triad Gang. 

Nanites only work on things with high Delta waves. 

When trying to park the Van in the parking lot of the forest the team realizes they need a cloaking device for the van and need to communicate better at times if they are going places in hero or non-hero form.

Piper (Faun), Lilac (Fairy) were Forsakens now of the Wood Clan.  

Piper and Lilac were interested in Stone and were enchanting Qing Long.

Sampson (UniDeer)

Root (Wood Dwarf) of the Tree or Wood Clan

The Silver Tree, Waterfall through the roots going into a cave. Cave has a wood table, cauldron, and stuff. The tree has a silver sheen to leaves. Wyndall (14 foot tall Brown Russian bear with an Aussie Human within) was a loin cloth, has a cockney accent and tasks or trials for the supers to accomplish in order to get information. 

The heroes succeed. Wyndall is happy. He always wanted to test people. 

Oz Guardians first hear of a Black Market Underground that may be a source of the nanites getting out. 

Pathways of heat from the metal in the root/crack. Glimmers of something metallic, similar but not exact nanites. The metal was sheared from something larger. 

Things fall from the sky in this area more than other places. 

The tree is not a tree but looks like one. 

Wyndall Quinn, Guardian of the Tree. Friendly wants visits and booze as well as a large computer or large keyboard. 

Clans: Air, Sea, Wood

Cryptid stormer equivalent

Chillaxian, Big Foots, a Couple, Aliens, there since 1960's. Are Always Blurry.


  • Tom
  • Kellie



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