The Oz-Guardians

Session 6 - Sky High

May 3rd, 2017

An apparent attack by aliens on a high school becomes a chase through the city, and ultimately meeting another hero in the city.

Players: Kellie, Liz, Rich

NPC: List

Danek from the planet of Danish, known for the Knights of Lar. 

Valor, from here, says he is a big fan, sounds and acts like a kid from the High School being attacked from the sky. 

Rip Jack, Rocky Mountain area Quake City, The Cortex is Henry

Dr. Lance Carter from ECU calls RE: Blood sample, college professors, gives off harmless radiation in short bursts like a mutated deer they found had a unicorn horn. Was in Arcadia forest near the volcano were other animals mutated were also reported. Deeracorn found about five years ago. 

Mark Baxter from Dr. Carter

The team decides they need to camp to investigate. 


  • Tom
  • Kellie



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