The Oz-Guardians

Session 5 - Pop Culture

April 28th, 2017

Movie night for some of the team leads to a confrontation with a high strung barista. 

  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – QinLong
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone – Absent – Doing Family Stuff 
  • Rick – The Elephant – Absent – Went along with Stone's family

NPCs of Note:

"MORGAN" the Semi-AI of Emerald Tower informed the team they needed to take a day off, all seemed to be suffering from varying degrees of fatigue. 

The team decided to take Onyx to a film festival to introduce her to some of the great classics of this time era. There were some street-based activities before the show, including a band, some balloon artists, and a street magician.  As well as several people dressed as characters from the movies.  Which included Big Lebowski, Goonies and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

The PCs realized that the band had amazing special effects and met the stone responsible, Angus "the Awesome." He seemed harmless, admitted he just got his powers during the storm and seemed more concerned with where his next meal and brain altering experience was coming from.   They, however, took note of him and the next Stormer so they could start tracing them on USNet.

Next, they met Dante, a street magician with a Creole persona. They could tell that he was able to transmute materials, going as far as to offer one of the PCs a gold flower. It changed back after a few moments to a real flower though.  Watching closely with their enhanced senses they could tell he was using his powers to con rich and arrogant from their money but wasn't cruel to everyone.

Onyx, curious about these gifted people looked them up on her mini future computer. The database showed that Dante Marcel was a criminal in the timeline that was her past. There was no information as to why he was arrested. The team decided to keep an eye on him and Onyx would be in charge of that and tracking others. 

The Guardians then enjoyed the films. On their way out though they heard a woman yell about being touched and ogled by some man near her. He looked completely confused as she just grew angrier and angrier. Mobius recognized her as Ally from the local coffee shop.

As they watched her tattoos of chains that went up her arms turned into physical and psychic chains that she then used to become a whirling dervish of imagined slights and insults. It took a while for the team to take her down. As soon as they did though they realized that she was regenerating quickly. Qing Long surmised that Ally needed medication but that is was burning through her system to rapidly. 

AEGIS arrived and sedated her.

Dr. Sharon Rogers – Our Doc with the samples – Similar to virus or bacteria but is not infectious. Transmission method is unknown, Nano's are not degrading. Cells, Blood Cells with them do not degrade. 

Raven calls. Her Doc – Nano is not from Earth. Does not match alien tech known to The League, It is dormant. If it is somehow not alien it is future tech or future and alien but that it is clear the storm was planned. 

After Action – Ally was given parole and an ankle bracelet that keeps medicating her for her anger control and paranoia problems at a constant rate.  The press dubbed her "Lady Chain."


  • Tom



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