The Oz-Guardians

Session 4 - More Questions

April 17th, 2017 - Extra Power Point

The team follows some leads ultimately meeting Max Mars and The Raven.



  • Michelle Okham - Director, Red Shift Technology
  • Derek Barnes – Deputy Chief of Red Shift Tech Research
  • Maxamillian Mars - CEO of MarsTech
  • Raven – One bad-ass lady and member of Freedom League


The Guardians followed up at Red Shift Technologies, the company that owned the van which exploded, igniting the Silver Storm.

There they met Michelle Okham and her director of research. They walked the heroes through the facility and answered questions, explaining that currently their focus was on carbon fiber nano-tubes as high energy capacitors. Nothing that could have caused this. It looks like someone put something that was not Red Shift Technology, an energy research company, onto that truck.

The team then decided to follow up with Max Mars, his company ultimately owning the chain of companies that leads to Red Shift.

In his waiting room they heard him talking to a lady. The Elephant went and listened closer and heard them talking. It seemed the lady trusted him, but was worried what his secret would do if these heroes found out.

The Guardians were then invited in, and after introductions and proclamations of innocence, with Raven supporting Mars, he made an offer.  He'd been prepping his new "Emerald Tower" to host such a group in the top five floors. He'd planned on recruiting a team from locals and from non-locals if needed. But, this seemed a perfect opportunity for all of them.

They asked to speak to Raven alone, who told them if they didn't trust Mars it'd be best to keep him closer than away. 

After discussing it among each other a few moments longer they brought Mars and Raven back in and said they would accept. They were then taken by "Van," the flying vehicle, to the tower to be introduced to their new base of operations.


  • Tom



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