The Oz-Guardians

Session 37 - Hanchu Brothers

October 23rd - 24th, 2017

After investigating "Other Onyx" breaking out Lord Etheric from prison transport, the team pay a visit to some local media and news personalities. Just as their evening is wrapping up DragonEye calls out for help dealing with "The Claws of Hanchu Wang."


  • Elizabeth – Onyx – Absent
  • Eric – Mechastar  – Absent
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone 

NPCs of Note:

  • Doughboy
  • Lord Etheric
  • Eddie Pollard
  • Caleb Gardner
  • Esteban Garcia
  • DragonEye
  • The Hanchu Brothers


  • As Etheric was leaving the tower, after his Theta Wave testing, he looked at Stone then the rest of the team before saying with a sarcastic smile he was sorry for the backup plan. But, Blackstone needs to succeed. She went easy the first time.
  • The team were discussing the recent assault by "Other Onyx," who is calling herself Blackstone, when AEGIS calls for help.
  • By the time they get their the conflict is already over, inside the armored van are injured AEGIS field agents and security footage showing Doughboy appearing from a portal and quickly charging to Etheric and taking him back out the portal while causing as much harm and destruction as he could in just a few moments.
  • A quick investigation revealed some tar mixed with gravel on the floor of the van, likely from Doughboy. Mobius scouting the rooftops found some cigarette butts and a couple cans of Red Bull on the roof of a building that would have good lookout position over the two most common AEGIS prisoner transport routes.
  • Stone, worried for his family's safety, went and picked them all up to go to dinner at Fat Robin's Burgers. There he was talking to them about going out of town, to the aunt's cabin in Washington State for a few days. His fear is this Onyx was going to use whatever leverage she could against the team, and she knows all their buttons.
  • Vicky refused, she sent Bonnie and the kids up north, but she was tired of running. Her job and personal life were in danger due to the constant hiding. She instead took Stone's emergency transport key to the Tesserect and promised to use it if she was attacked.
  • Meanwhile Qing Long and Mobius were discussing options on how to handle their own relatives and information that Onyx knew about them. Wondering how much this other her knew, and how far she was willing to go. The main concern seemed to be Stone's children though.
  • Both visited Max Mars; Qing invited him to Thanksgiving with the team. Mobius asked him if he could help expunge connections between people. Max, after a few probing questions, ascertained it was Mobius's girlfriend he was talking about and agreed he could help if that's what they wanted.
  • Mobius, Qing and Stone regrouped to go over their collective notes and went to visit Eddie Pollard their newspaper reporter  contact with the "Wall of Weird."
  • Eddie admitted he didn't know much about the female Commander, other than her name was Domo, possibly a robot, and that she was defeated when Reynolds/Cauldron was captured.  
  • The conversation then went to the current conflict between the Yakuza and Triads, which he said he was working on assembling and would be happy to share. He told them that earlier that day there had been a hit on one of the Chinese brothels, all the merchandise went missing while the handlers were killed. In retaliation the Chinese had arranged for a newspaper article to be published the next day exposing two of the Japanese brothels.
  • Eddie asked if the rumors he heard were true, there was another Onyx in town. His evidence was a photo rejected by Yellow Brick Gossip because it was too grainy. But, it showed what appeared to be Onyx with slightly different hair kissing a guy that wasn't Melanie. Eddie knew Onyx was seen with a female companion recently, and this guy wasn't her. The team recognized the man as Silver Sorcerer. He gave them the pictures.
  • As the group was getting ready to leave he asked Qing to wait a moment. He asked her to confirm something for him. He looked for a picture and found it. It was her and DragonEye in civilian identities holding hands and walking down the street. Eddie explained it came to his attention as an oddity, someone said they recognized that shop owner from Yellow Brick Road and wasn't odd she was seen with this A/C repair man. He didn't think anything of it till some other papers covered the tops of their heads and suddenly they looked like Qing Long and DragonEye holding hands in civilian clothes. Then the connection of Qing Long being one of the first people on the scene of the Silver Storm even though she's not a Stormer meant she was near there already.
  • Qing admitted to him it was her and DragonEye, after he swore to keep their secret.
  • The three left his run down, rent-controlled, building and went back to the Tower where April was waiting with Caleb Gardner and Esteban Garcia. They let April leave when they realized it was after midnight and gave her the next day off.
  • To both they asked for information around the gang war brewing in Eastern District and they both promised to provide what they could in the following days.
  • Then Mobius promised an exclusive to Caleb on Oct 30th. And, the three made a promise that at least those three would have a sit down panel interview with Garcia after that.
  • Just as the team was breaking up for the night DragonEye called to Qing Long through their recently established psychic link and asked for help dealing with some Lesser Oni that were stalking towards a brothel. "The Claws of Hanchu Wang" also called The Hanchu Brothers
  • They arrive to find the alley behind the Japanese brothel/hotel covered in at least 30.. what appear to be lizard dog men about 3 feet tall in fine robes and clothes carrying various implements of death. They all moving quietly and slowly towards the door as if waiting on a signal.
  • The heroes didn't wait for the signal. Unfortunately the leader of the Brothers, Hanchu Wang himself, had a crystal that made his clutch invisible and they flooded into the hotel.
  • Qing went around to the lobby to warn the madam to get everyone out. After a moment's pause the madam/hotel manager started yelling at plain clothed men to start clearing the place.
  • In the lobby a young man, or teen, speaking a mix of English and Japanese that looked like a Fox appeared. He asked Qing if she was there to help, because so was he.
  • In the back hallway Mobius failed to hit any of them and was tagged from behind by Hanchu Wang. Stone came into the hallway, as did Qing with Kitsune.  The "mystics" who had drugged Stone in the alley were no where to be seen.
  • That's when things started to look bad for the group of heroes, the Kobolds dog piled all of them and started to pin them down, or at least restrain them somewhat, while choking them.
  • DragonEye stepped in from the alley, said he was sorry to everyone, then released his Dragon's Roar. The building rattled as ear drums burst and Kobolds were dropped to the ground knocked out.  The bellowing assault on senses also disabled Kitsune and Qing. But, did not disable Hanchu Wang itself.
  • Mobius hit Hanchu, then Stone tried to threaten him. Hanchu Wang responded by saying that if they came to an arrangement, let him and his family leave, they would be known in many kingdoms for defeating them and his agents that were in the hotel already would not complete their mission.
  • Begrudgingly the heroes agreed, letting the Hanchu Brothers collect their wounded and flee into the alley and beyond.
  • While searching the hotel to make sure no one was injured Mobius found some of the missing girls from the Chinese brothel. They were handcuffed to bunk beds in a secret room on one of the upper floors. The madam agreed to let them go, "After all how would she stop them? She was merely a mortal."
  • Only a few of the ten girls spoke any semblance of English. But, all expressed they had come here for various jobs other than prostitute.
  • Harrison, the team's trainer who happens to live at the Tower, flew a Van over to pick up the girls and take them away to await the ECPD and INS to pick them up to help them stay safe, and possibly get home.



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