The Oz-Guardians

Session 34 - The Vault

October 20th, 2017

What happens when a local news personality opens another vault under the city? He claims it's a villain lair from the 60s. What could it possibly hold, and why are there explosions all the sudden?


  • Elizabeth – Onyx 
  • Eric – Mechastar 
  • Kellie – Qing Long – Absent – Working on Arcadian Academy with Max Mars
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone 

NPCs of Note:

  • Esteban Garcia
  • Robots from the 60s that had been left in the bunker by "The Mad Machinist"

    • Giant Spider Bot with tentacles for arms and a death ray
    • Rob-E the Robot fashioned foot soldiers with pincers and "Lasers"


  • Team discussed not returning the heart to the Cryptids, concerned that they may not be able to protect it again. This was shelved until Qing Long was available to be part of the discussion.
  • Plans were ironed out for the double date for the following evening.
  • Dispatch brought to the team's attention that Esteban Garcia was doing a special broadcast at noon about opening another vault under the city. This time hinting it might be a villain lair.
  • The team using MechaStar's connection to the station were able to find out the location. Downtown under a bank complex that had been built in the 80s.
  • During the tease part of the show Garcia postulated that the bunker was one of three villains, his belief was it was that of the "Mad Machinist" a villain who disappeared in the late 60s or early 70s depending on who you ask.
  • They positioned themselves nearby in case something went wrong, and of course it did. 
  • Due to the delay between the live transmission and broadcast the explosions a few blocks away reached them just as Garcia's "What's that?" reached them.
  • When they arrived they found a giant sphere with 8 leg/tentacles smashing a car and firing death beams. Around it were sixteen of the smaller robots that looked like they were fashioned after the one in "Lost in Space."  The smaller ones were fanning out and tearing apart machines and buildings as if looking for something.
  • Working together the team were able to reduce the effectiveness of the death beam and destroy all the smaller bots. All filled with vacuum tubes, gears, pistons and simple actuators. Nothing more advanced that what would be high tech for the 60s.
  • Towards the end of the fight Mobius's vibrating and Onyx's light barrage was able to start tearing chunks of the armored hull off the spider sphere. At that time a projector screen turned on in the chest of the bot showing the Machinist taunting them with pre-recorded messages.
  • After finally disabling the sphere the team stuck around to help with cleanup operations. The street was strewn with robot parts and debris from the fight.
  • Stone stole an arm from one of the Rob-Es for his son.




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