The Oz-Guardians

Session 32 - Boiling Over

October 10th, 2017

With information from Ultramarine, plus their own recon, the Oz Guardians start to search an area. Mechastar's ground penetrating vision reveals a base hidden under a suburban neighborhood filled with power-armor wearing villainy!


  • Elizabeth – Onyx 
  • Eric – Mechastar 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone 

NPCs of Note:


  • Stone met with Mongoose to discuss if anything was happening in the underground. She said that she's currently working protecting an electronics person, and that they can't keep some stuff in stock. Like Micro-Gyros. Also, when pressed about anything related to someone trying to create another storm she admitted it might not be a bad thing for it to happen, let everyone suffer the way she has. But, yes, some stormers have gone missing in the maze with the rumors of someone called Dr. Shock being battered around like a boogie man.
  • Tatsu went to the salon with her mom in the Little Osaka, the primarily Japanese part of Eastern District. There was a drive by while they were there from a Chinese gang called "The Red Monkeys." Tatsu chose to remain in her civilian guise than risk exposing her identity in the crowded place. Her mother's comment was, "If only there was something someone could have done."
  • Onyx made a date with Melanie Moore, who will be in town for a few days and Mechastar made a date with Erika owner of Prospero's Books. The four have agreed on a double date, in part setup by Mobius.  What could go wrong?
  • The team were then discussing their options, and Ultramarine came into their conference room to inform them that someone they had found rolled over and gave some information on the Trident and their operations and these tech heists. One of their heists they had to help move a shipment inland. Was able to give a rough area where the exchange occurred and saw what direction the shipment was taken.
  • The Oz-Guardians loaded up on "The Goose," their Chariot, with Mechastar taking point outside the vessel. Scanning the area as they progressed they finally saw the base. Mechastar saw that they were prepping for a fight, people finishing putting on armor, one person wearing a one-of-a-kind suit putting on his helmet after barking orders.
  • The team landed the craft and were discussing options, as well as making a call for assistance after doing a quick head count and finding 17 opponents. This delay gave the enemies the time they needed to escape the base using three exits. One was disguised as a storm drain down the hill, wide enough to move large supplies in and out of, the other two were maintenance hatches between houses.  The fight was on.
  • Quickly Qing Long was the focused target of many strikes, taking a beating and was nearly taken out when Stone was able to jump in front of what might have been a killing blow. Just after a wall was kicked out from the second story of a house and a suit of armor decloaked and started firing explosive armor piercing rounds into "The Goose" destroying it with Mobius and Onyx in it. Though neither were hurt, Mobius escaped, while Onyx was pinned in the wreckage.
  • Then the leader of the operation stepped forward calling Stone "Half-Jack." The same nickname given to him by a bully in High School, Bretty Reynolds, the same man who had been coming around Vicky and also trying to weasel his way deeper into Jake's garage business by using All-American Mufflers, a subsidary of All-American Technologies Unlimited. Then fired an intense cosmically infused blast of raw energy that ripped into everything it touched, which happened to be Jake Stone.
  • Jake reacted by hammering away buzzers that were threatening Qing and then burrowing under the ground and hiding under Cauldron/Brett to infuriate him.
  • Mechastar took position in the sky and started to fire down at the enemy forces. This drew the attention of the Fire-Stars who took flight and began a three on one aerial dogfight.
  • Swath then made her presence known by skimming past Mobius and attempting to cut up his Achilles Tendon. From that point forward she continued her hit and run tactics.
  • The fight continued, somewhat stalled with the minions slowly being whittled away then the fight seemed to surge in the direction of the Guardians when a few key things happened.

    • Cauldron stepped forward to try and press the attack, Stone came up from behind and knocked him straight up and followed up by knocking him across the street and into a house.
    • Swath grabbed Qing Long, then threw her on the ground and told her to stay down. She knew who and what she was, and didn't want to kill her. 
    • Dreadnought's continued use of area based attacks against the speedster and teleporter who avoided his attacks with the most ease.
  • Stone heard a loud noise, then a woman scream followed by creaking and moaning; all from the house that Cauldron had been knocked into.  When he rushed in he found a woman clutching a child while pinned under a wall, which had obviously been pressed down onto her. With the building about to collapse Stone jumped onto them to shield them the best he could with his body.
  • Qing started to talk with Swath, explaining that she could tell she was an honorable woman and that this fight was not that. Doing anything she could to keep her out of the fight longer, and to stand still to give others a chance to fire on her. Since whenever she chose to hide she seemed to confound sensors and even vision naturally.
  • Cauldron had fled through a tunnel he had ripped through the floor of the house that collapsed around Stone and his passengers as he tunneled out to safety. The woman's child though was still not responsive, Stone asking on coms for help!
  • The Sentinels arrive in time to help with mopping up what was left of the power armored mercs.
  • Mobius ran up to Dreadnought and tried to grab him after the punch failed horribly. The grab stuck, but out muscled Mobius stood there unable to budge him. Dreadnought then grabbed Mobius and flew straight up. Mechastar who had been in a dogfight with all the remaining Fire-Stars up to that point pealed off to chase after the two of them.
  • While Onyx and Stone worked to resuscitatethe young boy one of the Rippers turned the corner and tried to fire on them, almost hitting the kid. When Stone relayed this on the radio Swath reacted asking Qing if that was true, then stated that if her employer and then his other employees would endanger a child her contract was ended and walked away. Qing then went to heal the child and teammates.
  • Dreadnought told Mobius that he didn't want to kill him, so they were just going to fly off for a bit. Then Mechastar gets there and plays tug of war for Mobius, and wins. Dreadnought flies off while Mechastar and Mobius tumble, at first, then fly back to the fight.  Mobius is dropped onto the head of the last standing Ripper who collapses under the strike.
  • The team then stick around as ECPD, FBI and AEGIS swarm the place. Dragon Eye already working hard to restore as much as his restorative powers will allow him.




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