The Oz-Guardians

Session 31 - Lies & Revelations

October 5th, 2017

Having rescued Mobius the team regroups at the Tower to check on their families while they discuss what's happened and where to go from where they are.


  • Elizabeth – Onyx 
  • Eric – Mechastar 
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Stone – Absent – Was busy talking with his kids about what had happened.

NPCs of Note:

  • The Families of all the Heroes
  • The Sentinels



  • Mobius is thinking of going public with his identity.  His mother, Martha, laid a lot of guilt on him but agreed ultimately it was his decision. While Sarah asked for a few days to think on it.
  • Mechastar asked Ultramarine if there was any follow-ups on Trident's activities and possible connections with the sudden surge in power armored foes in Emerald City.
  • Mechastar showed the new Tessaract to the team, and the associated AI "Tess." 

    • While there he revealed his identity to Max Mars, who in turn revealed that he was at one time the original "Commander." A villain who retired after the Terminus invasion, or at least tried to before the Chamber in Emerald City essentially forced him back in. From which he tried to get information while building the Tower as a bastion of hope and base for a team he planned to recruit.
  • Qing's parents were worried about her "new" boyfriend, which then got revealed to the team. This is complicating matters as Dragon Eye and Qing have been hoping to keep their relationship quiet, but Dragon Eye couldn't just disappear so that Larry could show up.  Onyx picked up on the face that the two were still together, and Qing not knowing this asked Onyx to go and tell her mom that the "new" boyfriend had been moved to another safehouse. Onyx barely succeeded. 
  • Onyx received a phone call from Dante (Silver Sorcerer), calling her Elvina. Then apologizing and saying he had a wrong number after asking if it was Onyx he was speaking to.
  • The team were given a new shuttle, this time capable of space flight and hyperspace. It also was armed with a small laser pulse cannon.

    • While on the test flight they decided to find some debris to fire at on the dark side of the moon. Once there they were hailed by "Farside" and asked what they were doing there. After the initial confusion was set aside Farside explained for future travel in their space they would need to clear it through the Atom Family first.
    • Farside then politely provided targets, three slow moving missiles, for the team to fire at.




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