The Oz-Guardians

Session 24 - Medical Madness

September 7th, 2017

The team's research into mystic threats is interrupted by a distress call of a merchant ship by Medtech. The company owned by MechaStar in his civilian identity.


  • Eric – Mechastar
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius

NPCs of Note:

  • Erika Swarthout – Owner of Prospero's Book Club. Can help get Mechastar into the early estate sale.
  • James Singer – Helped make a salve to cure the last bit of a petrification, in doing so addicted the person to nicotene
  • Josh Jones – Revealed to Mobius, as Darren, that he can steal powers from other "Enhanced"
  • Max Mars – Spoke with Qing about why he's been avoiding them the last month or so. Guilt over abandoning them in space.
  • The Moore Estate 


Early in the morning of the 7th James Bridges, or Mechastar as he is known by his team mates in the Oz-Guardians, is awoke by his assistant with news that a ship carrying advanced imaging equipment on the way over from manufacturing facilities sent a distress call about 40 minutes ago.  There is already a security team en route.

Mechastar gets the information on last known location and radios the dispatcher on duty and asks for assistance.  In a matter of minutes he, Mobius and Qing are on the Chariot heading west over the ocean.  When the arrived at the ship they found the radio and radar masts destroyed. Some obvious hull damage. Blast marks. And littering the deck the forms of several people.

After a full recon of the ship it was found that only two people were dead, the Captain and Quartermaster. However, one person had been petrified into stone.  The remaining crew had mostly been subdued with non-lethal weapons, like stun blasters.  They described a woman who looked like a red snake with white and black stripes, like a coral snake. There were two other people in charge, both in power armor. The rest were people in boiler suit style uniforms and all had a trident like symbol on them.

They had unloaded all the medical equipment, and loaded it all onto their giant submarine that was made up to look like some kind of serpent crossed with a whale.  While they described this Qing was able to pull most of the infection from the stone man letting him move again, but he was still gray and sluggish.

Mobius went through the ship and found some water spraying from damage below the waterline. He closed those bulkheads but the team weren't sure if the ship would make it back to port so decided to put the crew on the Chariot and take them home. On the way Mobius thought he saw a green haze in the water north of them, near the horizon.

On the way they were intercepted by two Brande Security helicopters, the security force hired by Medtech. One continued on to the ship to secure it and bring to harbor while the other escorted the Chariot to Medtech.  On the way Mechastar received a phone call from his assistant telling him what was related to her from the security teams.  Then asked him to be there to greet the survivors and thank the Oz-Guardians.

Mechastar told the team he was going to fly off to research that green haze, then quickly flew back to the city to switch to his civilian identity.

When the Chariot landed a large team of Medtech people were there to help get the wounded off loaded and over to the medical facilities.  After all the hand shaking and formalities were over the team retired to the tower, except Mechastar who went home to get some sleep.

Qing went to exercise to burn off some energy; the team's trainer saw Mobius had just finished his high speed version of a work out and got him to do one but at normal speed along with Qing.

Then Mobius went to his gym, as Darren, and met up with Josh Jones. Josh was excited and said he thought he figured out what his actual enhancement was; that he can bother other people's powers. He showed off by borrowing Ally, Lady Chain, powers. She didn't seem to notice but did scratch her arm.  Darren then challenged him to borrow his strength, which was a product of the college experiments years earlier, and he was able to. Josh said he was excited because someone would definitely pay for him to do something with these gifts. Darren asked him to take that slow and made plans with him to meet outside town on Saturday.

The team then gathered at the base where Mechastar had completed the Zombie Grenades, which in theory should destroy or heavily damage the energy that is animating them.  They also discussed how to handle the estate sale since they can't seem to find the key to the attic, and it could be almost anything.

That's when Mechastar revealed himself and said that he could just buy it all, he just needed a way to get in to the early dealer exclusive times on Friday. Mobius and Qing revealed their secret identifies to Mechastar to return the trust they showed them.

That's when Mobius said that he could reach out to Erika at the Prospero's Book Store to get him in.

Now with a start of a plan they decided to break until Onyx and Stone could show up later that afternoon.  Darren called Erika and confirmed that whoever this mystery bidder was should pick her up around 4 from her shop.

Max came up to talk with Qing while she was cleaning up the Italian food she'd brought in for everyone. He explained that he hadn't been trying to avoid them all like he had. He just felt this horrible guilt over stranding them, and the doubles. Wasn't sure how to move forward with that.  She recommended he just talk to the team about it, and he agreed.

He then asked about her relationship with DragonEye, how it was doing since she came back. When she said it was kind of over he asked if they should start talking about the surveillance ideas they had talked about previously Qing answered yes. But, then Max asked if she was seeing anyone in her real life and quickly saw through her attempted deflection. Not wanting to cause problems Max said he couldn't move forward with that then.




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