The Oz-Guardians

Session 23 - Leg Work

September 6th - 7th, 2017

Members of the Oz-Guardians continue their detective work following leads on the Moores and Abracadaver.


  • Eric – Mechastar
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Richard – Stone

NPCs of Note:

During the previous day, during the attack on the museum, he had been dealing with Brett Reynolds at his garage. Brett had gone to high school with him and Vicky, Stone's wife. Now he was some big-wig at All Star Technology, the company that owns All Star Muffler a sponsor of Jake's Garage.  The meeting between the two didn't end well with Stone leaving to help the team.

The group recovering from the continued press of Abracadaver decided to investigate the Moores and see if there was any other artifacts that he may be looking for to gain access to the "Attic."

Mechastar began maneuvers that would make his corporation a major investor in a local media company, the end goal being to make Esteban Garcia less a threat to the group.

Stone and Qing went to her library to research as much as they could, while James left to try and find any more artifacts that may have a connection to Dr. Spectre.   

That night Sally, Stone's daughter, had her nightmares again.

The following morning Qing received a call from an officer at District 3 that James Singer was there and had her be the phone call. When she arrived they let Qing Long, the hero, walk out with the obviously hung over Singer. He admitted to getting into a bar fight with someone who was trash talking Manchester United.  However, he was pretty sure a lead was pointing him to Prospero's Book Club in town.

Qing and Singer went there while Mechastar and Stone did guard duty. Singer owed about 1.5 thousand to the owner for a tome he had lost previously, once the Oz-Guardians paid that for him the owner gave them a diary hand written by Dr. Spectre.

They were also told that someone that made the owner feel "wrong" came in asking for relics the previous day. She had lied and said she didn't have the book, but the creep had also said he was going to seek out some antique dealers for any other memorabilia. He did however leave a card, which she provided to Qing.

The Oz-Guardians have now retreated to tower and read the book, analyzing the materials and memorized it. Apparently Dr. Spectre did get in touch with an ancient Lemurian Magus who was trying to use Dr. Spectre as a channel to release something horrible. Offering dark power in return.  Dr. Spectre was expressing, both in words and the writing, a loosening grip on self as time went on. The last entry was hope that Donald Moore could help.



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