The Oz-Guardians

Session 22 - History Lesson

September 6th, 2017

"Were the heroes schooled by a new villain and his horde of undead at the city's Historical Museum, resulting in at least one death?" ~ Esteban Garcia



  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Eric – Mechastar
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius

NPCs of Note:

  • Abracadaver – Assaulted the history museum trying to gain the costume of Dr. Spectre. In doing so he injured several people and killed at least one. 
  • James Singer – Was protecting the clothing of Dr. Spectre behind a mystic fire shield. But, it took all his concentration and he couldn't do anything to help the innocents.  He explained to the Oz-Guardians that "Morty" was trying to find a back door into a place called "The Attic," a dimensional vault where the Moore's kept some powerful magic.


In the Moore mausoleum several generations of males back to the 1800s were disturbed.  Ransacked and searched.  The team identified that several of the family members had a symbol of a flame within a circle. The symbol was missing from John, the most recently interred and Melanie Moore's father.

DNA was collected from those that had been searched by Abracadaver and sent to the research team to try and find any missing family members or a an unknown male line.  Quick research also identified that the symbol was for the Circle of Light a group of mystics who work together to defend the earth from dark supernatural threats.  The Moores until recently were likely members.

The group went to the massive Moore Estate situated among other old money homes in the Royal Hills. They found Melanie busy with planning the estate sale planned for Saturday and Sunday.  She thought that perhaps the villain was after her father's book that he always had with him.  When asked what she did for a living she divulged that her family has been in the gem trade, from the Atlas Mountains, since the 1800's when the arrived in this area from "back East."

The team searched the estate and in the attic they found a set of physical and metaphysical runes that act as a dimensional anchor.  It appeared to have multiple wards, including against good things; though the strongest were against malicious evil entities.  When asked about it Melanie seems confused, or distracted, for a moment and says that she doesn't go up there. When asked to go up with her she says she would but she's busy.

The team goes back up to review the portal some more when an alert comes across that there is another zombie attack, this time at the The Emerald City Historical Museam. The team arrives to find zombies dressed in cheap Halloween costumes of Native Americans chasing and attacking people, using real hatchets, in the preserved original colony. 

After a few moments there are some loud screams from inside. Mobius tells the rest of the team to go deal with them, and then literally runs through the zombies.  Meanwhile, with Mechastar holding the door for the others they find the interior filled with zombie cowboys and World War II costumed zombies, this time using sabres against the people in the museum. 

There are chants and a piercing scream from deeper inside the museum so Onyx and Qing go to find out what was happening, leaving MechaStar to deal with the zombies which he does by reversing his anti-gravity flight system to crush all the zombies against the walls. He then starts to triage the injured. Mobius makes sure that emergency services have been contacted.

The most interior room is the World War II display, along with a large collection of memorabilia related to the "Victory Squardron" the local supers group from that era.  There was Abracadaver holding a woman hostage, with his zombies pinning two children down, a dead woman at his feet.  By the costumes of the "Victory Squardron" was a man with shaggy red hair and a trench coat, later introduced as James Singer, holding up a defensive field protecting Dr. Spectre's outfit.

Abracadaver stabbed the woman and dropped her to the ground after that negotation failed and reached for the next child. The heroes were able to pull the one child from zombies and the woman who was gurgling on the ground with a stilleto in her jaw.

"Morty," as Singer called him, realized he wasn't going to get what he wanted and bargained the child's life for free passage.  

Singer then burned Dr. Spectre outfit, thanking the heroes for showing up when they did.  While Qing and Onyx took Singer to the base to grill him about what's going on MechaStar was able to stabilize the stabbed woman, luckily the blade had moved forward rupturing sinuses and not her brain.  Then he and Mobius talked to Aegis and the local PD.

Singer explained that he had heard that Abracadaver found out that Dr. Spectre had been contacted by the spirit of a powerful Lumerian magus, the snake people from pre-history.  It was something he couldn't get away from, and this spirit kept telling him secrets on how to gain a lot of dark powers.  Spectre had gone to Donald Moore, Melanie's great-uncle, to remove the memories. People in the know think they may be in "The Attic," this extra dimensional pocket that no one should be able to get in unless they are a Moore.

At the site Aegis asked to interview MechaStar at his earliest convienance, and said they would work on getting some kind of supernatural support here. However, when it comes to magic their resources were not as broad.

MechaStar started working on the Zombie Neutralizer again with Rebecca and Morgan, the base's AI.


  • Kellie
  • Tom




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